Notts SOS protest on 7th  march 2011 Nottingham City Council budget setting day
Notts SOS protest
Notts SOS was launched on 29th September 2010. We want to oppose cuts to services, job losses and cuts in benefits. We aim to support workers organisations, service users, community groups in fighting cuts in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire. We hope to inspire confidence to think, meet and act. And to be inspired.

Contact us: https://nottssos.org.uk/contact/

Statement of principles and aims of Notts SOS

1. This campaign opposes all the cutbacks in public spending brought on by the economic crisis created by the banks as well as the governments that failed to regulate, control or replace them.

2. The rich and powerful have made this crisis. They have accumulated unparalleled and unjustified wealth over the last 30 years, now they want workers to pay for their crisis.

3. These deep cuts could also push Britain back into recession. They can be halted and new jobs and services created by ending the £150+ billion tax gap, much of which is by tax evasion by large companies and wealthy individuals.

4. These companies and banks, many of which are making huge profits again, if brought into public ownership would make unnecessary any cuts in public spending.

5. The economic crisis is being used to cynically create the conditions for a wholesale destruction of the public services and their partial replacement by reduced privatised services in which privilege and class inequality will be the norm.

6. We pledge to support all workers engaged in battles to defend jobs and services from cuts attempted at both government or council levels.

7. We pledge to oppose all the expenditure and benefit cuts, privatisations, tuition fees and any other service charges that this government or councils attempt to introduce.

8. We demand of all those representing or seeking public representation on councils or in parliament that they express solidarity and give active support to those fighting cuts and pledge themselves not to implement such cuts if and when they are in power.

NOTTSOS. https://nottssos.org.uk

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