Notts SOS poster - 'No to the cuts' feel free to add your comments and suggestions to the site (just not on this page).

Tell your workmates, friends and neighbours about our campaign and get involved in saving our services.

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Our email address is nottssos ([at])

Contact us by phone at 07940 952 825 (this is a mobile number so you can text or call).

NEWSLETTERS (quite old now. more recent info on our blog): Latest: No. 7 November 2011. Back issues: No. 6 June 2011. No. 5 May 2011. No. 4 March/April 2011, No. 3 – Feb 2011 No. 2 – Dec 2010 & No. 1 – Nov 2010

OLDER ACTIVITIES: Combating the Cuts conference report/pics & Demo report & video.

Nottingham Save Our Services. Nottinghamshire Save Our Services. Nottinghamshire SOS. Nottingham SOS. Nottsos. Notts sis. Nottsis.

2 responses to “Contact

  1. On Wednesday the UK was subjected to billions of pounds in cuts, yet
    Vodafone UK have been let off of a six billion pound tax bill. Tell Vodafone
    UK!/vodafoneUK?v=wall that this is NOT good enough and they want to do business here they must pay their way…. …Personally I will boycott their services and encourage others to do the same until they pay their tax bill.

    my friends UNI fees went up because of tax dodgers like these my BENEFITS are being cut because of dodgers like these? is this FAIR?

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