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Notts Cuts Watch bulletins nos. 1, 2 & 3 [plus ‘Can’t Cut This’ video]

Notts Cuts Watch highlights local press coverage about cuts in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire …

Bulletin no.3:

Bulletin no.2:

Bulletin no.1:

See also: Can’t Cut This campaign song – against cuts to a London Arts College.

Biggest Notts SOS meeting so far – forthcoming Saturday Nov 20th demonstration, weekly meetings & more

Last night’s Notts SOS planning meeting was very well attended with 30 participants in all. As well as the three major Nottingham demonstrations last week, and our interventions at the City Council consultation, we were pleased to hear from a new campaign in Lincoln that had held an anti-cuts meeting and march. The attack on welfare claimants in the Spending Review was highlighted. Sub-groups were formed to put together publicity, handle communications, and collect funds. A Nottingham demonstration was proposed for Saturday, November 20th.

A leaflet and Notts SOS newsletter will be produced for this. Please send us your stories and news of workplace or community campaigns and events for the newsletter. Individuals as well as groups are encouraged to share experiences which we would like to put in the newsletter and on the website. We know that the cuts and economic crisis will affect many people in many different ways, and all are important. You can add them as comments to the website or facebook page.
We agreed to meet weekly at least until after the demonstration so the next meeting will be Monday November 1st at 7.30pm at the usual venue (ICC/YMCA on Mansfield Road). The campaign welcomes new participants at these.

Monday 25th October – Notts SOS meeting – 7.30pm. Plus details of Bassetlaw campaign

The scale of the cuts in the County is now apparent. Consultations in the city have been little more than form-filling exercises so the City Council can work out what to cut with as little bad press as possible. Councillors were rude to campaigners in several of these meetings and left little time for questions about the cuts. It’s vital that residents of Nottingham and Notts, and those that work in the region, get together to work out a plan of action. Come to our next planning meeting if you can.

Notts SOS meeting: Monday 25th October, 7.30pm at the ICC (International Community Centre), YMCA, 61b Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN. Please just turn up.

The SOS campaign is also taking shape in Bassetlaw. Activists recently attended a Save Bassetlaw Hospital meeting along with 150 other people. Continue reading

Hundreds protested at Notts County Hall on Thursday 21st October

Today Nottingham Evening Post reports on the campaign protest at Nottinghamshire County Council HQ in West Bridgford on Thursday 21st October, the same day that Councillors voted to implement £75m worth of cuts over the next four years. 164 proposals were ‘debated’ to help the authority save £150m and Councillors gave the green light to more than half. These ‘category A’ proposals, will be made shortly, while the rest will be put out to consultation. Cuts next year include axing 1,300 posts and many services will be affected. And this is only the beginning. This is the challenge that we will be facing in the County from now on.

See also: a commentary and lots of photos from the demonstration, posted on Indymedia the Sunday following the event.

To get involved with Notts SOS come to our next meeting, contact us, or join the Facebook group. Feel free to add information about your events, your experiences, comments and opinions to our website. Continue reading

‘Youth Fight for Jobs’ on the Notts SOS Market Square demonstration on 20th October

The Comprehensive Spending Review, launched by the government on Wednesday October 20th, marked cuts D-Day. Notwithstanding the super-rich who caused the economic crisis in the first place, nobody will be untouched by these cuts – jobs and services are set to be haemorraghed by the government.

Youth Fight for Jobs held a national day of protest on October 20th to tell the government loud and clear that we do not agree with the cuts. Continue reading

Get involved with Notts SOS – events in week starting 18th October [plus School Support staff demo video]

Events and meetings below. See also: Drop in Consultations continue in City – Wollaton, The Meadows, Clifton, New Basford, Radford & Lenton.

Monday 18th October – Unison protest: SAY NO TO PAY CUTS FOR SCHOOL SUPPORT STAFF. 4.00pm (onwards). OLD MARKET SQUARE IN FRONT OF COUNCIL HOUSE. Download schools protest flyer 18 October 2010 and GMB union Midland and East Coast Region newsletter supporting the demonstration. All welcome.

Wednesday 20th October – COME TO THE FIRST NOTTS SOS GENERAL ANTI-CUTS PROTEST IN THE MARKET SQUARE ON THE DAY OF THE SPENDING REVIEW. Starts 5pm and will continue at least an hour. All welcome. Bring banners, noisy things, leaflets and most importantly your workmates, friends and family.

Thursday 21st October – Anti-cuts event at Nottinghamshire County Council. Lobby of County Hall, West Bridgford from 12.30pm when the County Council is due to publicise massive proposed cuts and privatising most of its services. If you want coach seats for the protest at Notts County Council on Thurs 21st Oct please contact Pete Watson; or the Notts CC Unison website
Coaches are coming from Worksop, Mansfield, Newark & Beeston.. All welcome.

Next week: Monday 25th October – Notts SOS meeting. 7.30pm on Mon at the ICC (International Community Centre), YMCA, 61b Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN. Please just turn up.

Bassetlaw campaign gets going

Bassetlaw, the northernmost district of Nottinghamshire is facing massive cuts due to Notts County Council’s plans released last week (see for details of these wide-ranging cuts).

A leaflet/poster, which also features our brand new logo, has been produced by Notts SOS campaigners in the area to highlight how this will affect Bassetlaw residents and workers: Bassetlaw SOS leaflet no.1

Militants attack Nottinghamshire County Hall during week of cuts revelations

Militants attacked Nottinghamshire County Hall in West Bridgford last Wednesday night. “Fuck austerity!” and “Fight the cuts!” were painted on walls and damage was done to windows. In an anonymous communique published on Notts Indymedia, they claim that they will “continue to attack in solidarity with all those who are abused by goverments and banks in the name of capitalism”. Continue reading

Get involved with Notts SOS – appeal from a Nottingham City NHS worker

Nottngham City NHS logoA Nottingham NHS worker speaks frankly about his, his workmates’, and his family and friends’ situations under the continuing threat of cuts that will no doubt be familiar to many others, and urges everyone to get involved with Notts SOS.

I work in one of the support services within the Nottingham NHS Citihealth organisation. We provide community health services to the Nottingham area. We have heard the current government promise to ring fence frontline health spending, however the reality on the ground is somewhat different. Continue reading

Notts SOS first general anti-cuts demonstration – Wednesday 20th October 2010 – 5pm

Wednesday 20th October – the first Notts SOS  general anti-cuts demonstration will take place (on the day of the Con-Dem Comprehensive Spending Review) in the Market Square, Nottingham City Centre, at 5pm. Bring banners, placards, noise-making devices. All welcome.

More events and meetings in October including various other local demonstrations and the next Notts SOS meeting on the 25th: