Nottingham students are in occupation – University of Nottingham Great Hall – 30th November 2010 – part of another UK-wide day of action

Solidarity march in Greece for British students' actionSoldarity with student occupations - sabotage all systems of social control - poster

NEW: Press Release late evening 30/11/2010: Nottingham Students Plan to Keep Occupying University. “A General meeting, open to EVERYONE will take place 1pm tomorrow (Wednesday) at the great hall here at the uni of Nottingham! Come along!”

See also: Emergency Motion passed at UCU Special HE Sector Conference, Manchester 25/11/2010
The message announcing the occupation came on Facebook at around 12.40pm today. Nottingham is now added to the cities where students and supporters have occupied university buildings over education cuts and fee rises in the last couple of weeks. The occupation is of the Great Hall, Trent Building, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD. [Map]. Download campus map (building no. 11). See also NSAFC website: To follow on twitter: follow @nsafc

Listen to Guardian interview with one of the 150 Nottingham occupiers.

UK wide live coverage via the Guardian website: BBC news : Tuition fee protesters in ‘cat and mouse’ with police. WATCH USEFUL VIDEO about week long occupation continuing in London. USEFUL LINK to UK-wide actions: NEW: Guardian round-up of 30th Nov action [long video].
From the occupation:


Students of the University of Nottingham and their supporters are currently occupying the Great Hall to add pressure to Nottingham University management to meet the following demands:

1. We demand that the University of Nottingham lobby the Russell Group and the government and issue a statement condemning all cuts to higher education, the EMA and the rise in tuition fees.

2. We demand that the University of Nottingham implement a complete open book policy in regards to existing budget constraints.

3. We demand that the University of Nottingham ensure no redundancies for teaching, research or support staff.

4. Ensure that no victimization or repercussions for anyone participating in the occupation.

5. Allow free access in and out of the building.

Links to Facebook, website, twitter:

UK updates:

Quick updates from students around the country (and beyond!)


Thousands of students marching in London. Going down Whitehall the Police attempted to kettle them, students ran back and are now going down Oxford Street. Bus drivers honking horns in unison, chants of “Workers and Students – Unite and Fight”.

60 people have occupied Birmingham City Council Chamber

Brighton and Hove have removed staff from offices in anticipation of demonstrations.

Liverpool University roof occupied and banners hung.

ITALY – Thousands marching in Rome, Genoa, Milan, Turin, Naples, Venice, Palermo and Bari. Chanting “They block our future, we block their cities”.

Hundreds outside Vince Cable’s office in Twickenham chanting “Shame on you for turning blue”.

700 students have occupied Leeds University. Again!

Hundreds marching in Sheffield to Nick Clegg’s office chanting “Nick Clegg we know you – You’re a ——- Tory too”.

Three banks closed in Leeds anticipating occupations.

2,000 marching in Manchester. University occupation continues.

UCU and PCS union members join march in Leeds.

School and sixth form students walk out in Hardenhuish, Chippenham, more from Sheldon on their way to join.

Edinburgh march with coffins “RIP Education” on the side.

Leeds police attempt to kettle students. Students chant “Too many kettles – not enough tea!”

Several hundred marching in Bristol.

King’s College London occupied.

Plymouth University in occupation for EIGHTH day.

Mass walkouts in Cardiff.

Many hundreds protesting in Colchester.

Protest tax avoiding corporations! Starts 1pm at Vodafone on Clumber Street in Nottingham City Centre on Saturday 4th December

Vodafone tax avoidance demonstration with Won't Pay as They Go bannerNotts Save Our Services will be calling on corporations to pay their tax on Saturday 4 December. We meet at 1pm outside Vodafone on Clumber Street and will visit a few other tax avoiders after that.

This is our second demo in Nottingham about corporate tax. For info and videos of the first and other tax related articles, see:

PRESS RELEASE: [Notts SOS Tax Avoidance Day of Action Press Release] [PDF format]

Download flyer:
Tax avoiders protest nottingham 4th dec 2010

Background: VODAPHONE – Taxman let Vodafone off £6bn bill. Private Eye investigation: Vodafone – don’t pay as you go and Vodafone-a-friend at HMRC . ARCADIA GROUP including TOPSHOP, DOROTHY PERKINS & MISS SELFRIDGE: Philip Green to be target of corporate tax avoidance protest and Topshop chief Sir Philip Green to conduct review of coalition spending cuts.

Text of flyer:

Avoiding tax is big business. British corporations avoid up to £25 billion a year in tax, with major offenders including Vodafone (owes £6 billion); Boots (paid £0 in tax last year); and Top Shop, where boss Philip Green has signed ownership of his company over to his wife in the tax haven of Monte Carlo. He now pays no tax in Britain .

Tax-avoiding corporations cost the government billions each year, money that could be used to invest in services and protect jobs. Instead, HMRC are writing off tax bills for the richest in our society, whilst sending bills to pensioners, workers and others who they claim owe thousands due to their miscalculations.

Notts Save Our Services will be joining a national day of action against tax-avoiding corporations, starting from Vodafone in Clumber Street and visiting other tax-avoiders along the way.

Tell the corporations: it’s time to pay tax!

Join us on Saturday 4 December at 1pm outside

Vodafone. Bring your banners, placards, whistles. Tweet the demo: #ukuncut

Third day of action on student fees and education cuts in Nottingham on Saturday 4th December 2010, 2-5pm

Nick Clegg's pre-election student fees pledge, now brokenAs you will have seen elsewhere on our website, anti-fees/cuts action is being taken by Nottingham students and staff at both Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham today (now supported by UCU and NUS locally), and a Third Day of Action Against Cuts to Education has been called already to take place in the Market Square, Nottingham city centre, on Saturday, December 4 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm.

Facebook: Official Nottinghamshire Protest against the cuts to education

NOTE: This was originally advertised for Sunday, but it has been brought forward a day and the time is now 2pm, so people can start at the Vodafone demo at 1pm, then continue in the Square.

The organisers are keen that this is not only involving students but all who will be affected by the education cuts and fees increases and encourage creative methods of protest,

“The student occupations at Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cambridge and UCL universities, and the Royal Holloway Against Cuts group have all voted to call for a day of local demonstrations across the UK against cuts in education.

The decision was taken to hold this third national day of action on a Sunday so that parents, younger students, trade unionists and other supporters of the campaign who aren’t able to join us on the walkouts can take part.

We need to draw in all the other groups who are fighting against cuts, and who want to support our fight to save education and defend EMA.

In Nottingham we are holding a rally in the city centre, for everyone affected by the cuts to the public sector. This isn’t just for university students, it’s also for teachers, staff, lecturers, college students, secondary school pupils, primary school pupils, parents, workers in the public sector, trade unionists.

Help spread the word- invite your friends to this event on facebook, print off some leaflets to hand out at your school/college/workplace.

ALSO! Keep in mind, a national day of action does not just have to be just marches and speeches organised by a few people. Get together with people you know and plan something creative/devious/disruptive/fun/progressive/meaningful.”

Come to Notts SOS planning meeting – Monday 29th November at 7.30pm. Plus Notts Cuts Watch #7.

Notts SOS campaigners meet each week in Nottingham to share information and to discuss and organise anti-cuts activities. Groups and inidividuals who are fighting cuts to services are welcome to participate in these meetings. Venue details are on our contacts page.

Forthcoming events include continued action against student fees on Tuesday 30th November, a second demonstration outside Vodafone in December and a Notts SOS conference in January. We will also discuss holding a joint stall with Nottingham CND who are campaigning to scrap Trident 2.

Read a round-up of last weeks cuts and anti-cuts news: Notts Cuts Watch #7 on Nottingham Indymedia.

“The Student Revolt is ON!” in Nottingham – get info via website, facebook, twitter & email

Nottingham Trent University anti-fees action 30th November 2010
Nottingham Trent University anti-fees action 30th November 2010

University of Nottingham anti-fees action 30th November 2010
University of Nottingham anti-fees action 30th November 2010

After successful protests last week, the new campaign Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts invites students and staff to get involved on Tuesday 30th November saying,

All out for next Tuesday!
As we are sure you are all aware there has been action up and down the country this week against the government’s shameless attack on our education.

At University of Nottingham urgent action is needed to co-ordinate the campaign – a big rally on campus is one thing – but walkouts and rallies at local schools, colleges and at Trent Uni too is what is going to make this a fight we can win!

University of Nottingham – Time: Tuesday, November 30 · 11:30am. Location: Portland Building steps, Students’ Union, University of Nottingham.

Also at Nottingham Trent University – Meet 12 noon, Students’ Union, Byron House, Shakespeare St. for a march.

Here is how you can help:
1. Invite all your friends to the Facebook event page, and tell everyone you know about the protest (outside of Facebook too)!
2. Join us flyering – from 11:30 Friday & Monday outside the Portland building (near the cash points).
3. Pick up posters from us & put them up in your halls/local shops etc.
4. Encourage all the education workers – academics, admin, cleaners and even security to join us and take action!
5. If you are not at Nottingham Uni but want to co-ordinate some action – get in touch!

Website ‘Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts!’:



Email: nsacaf [at]

Flyer/Poster PDF: action_fees_cuts_30_nov_2010.pdf

How the Gedling school protest lit up Wollaton Avenue on Thursday evening

Save Gedling School Evening March 25th November 2010
Save Gedling School campaign lit up Wollaton Avenue on 25th November 2010
The Gedling school protest went ahead as planned on Thursday. The campaign began when Nottinghamshire council officers indicated they were minded to recommend the closure of Gedling School, with a decision to be taken by the council’s cabinet members on December 15.

Campaign organisers wrote,

“Well We Lit Up Wollaton Ave Last Night not just with Light but with Spirit. WE WILL CARRY ON FIGHTING”

More pictures and comment from these links…

Save Gedling School:
Save Gedling School Facebook:
To support the campaign join:Save Gedling School (campaign supporters network):

Previous article:

Nottingham happenings over university fees hike and follow up action on 30th Nov

Nottingham university students demonstrate 24th Nov 2010 against cuts and fees
March between Portland Building and Trent Building on University of Nottingham campus on 24th November 2010
Today (November 24th) in Nottingham saw at least three events that will help us fight the hike in student tuition fees;

Around 60 students form Toot Hill school in Bingham walked out of classes as part of the Day of Action. Students congregated on the steps of the Council House at around midday.

At 2.00pm there was a Rally outside the Portland Building at the University of
Nottingham and more than 50 marched to the Trent building with banner. See COVERAGE OF MARCHES IN NOTTINGHAM, LINCOLN, LEICESTER ON ITV CENTRAL NEWS.

At 4.00pm there was a ‘Teach In’ inside the Portland Building, where 40 students, staff and other NottsSOS members met to work towards future activities: Watch this space!

Nottingham Conservative HQ closed on day of anti-fees protestAnd all day the Tory Party HQ in Nottingham was closed because they thought it would be attacked again. It’s good that they have had to acknowledge the strength of feeling against them, and nice of them to save us the trouble of demonstrating there by closing down anyway!

Let us know if we have missed any events you were involved in.

We want to encourage more students – at school, college and uni – to take action and work together. Nottingham has never been especially radical in terms of student politics. However, direct action has been taken at University of Nottingham several times on  various issues. When the war in Iraq began hundreds of school children walked out of class to join a massive city centre demo. So we can do it!

If we could get a massive reaction in Nottingham against the introduction of higher tuition fees and threats to Educational Maintenance Allowance for younger  students, that would be proof that this current unrest is no flash in the pan but indicative of a desire for real social change. Young people will take what they are entitled to if the ConDems won’t listen, and their teachers and Notts SOS will support them.

See also: UK COVERAGE on The Guardian website and on BBC.

Plan for follow up STUDENT STRIKE on Tuesday 30th November (Facebook link).

NEW: View poster for 30th November follow up action.. Contact email NSACAF@GMAIL.COM

Education, Education, Education – university fees and Gedling school protests in Nottingham on Wed/Thurs

NEW: What happened in Nottingham on the 24th? [report with links to photos and midlands TV coverage]

NEW (from London demo): Mounted Police charge protesters at Whitehall 24 November :
Commentary on Guardian website: Student protests: video shows mounted police charging London crowdMet police issue denial but witnesses tell of terrifying ordeal.

24 November: National Walkout against Student Fees and Cuts. In our region, so far there are walkouts being advertised in Leicester, Lincoln and Loughborough and Nottingham.
University of Nottingham action confirmed for Wed 24th is as follows: Rally at 2pm on Portland Building steps [view campus map – PDF]. Download Teach-in Leaflet. Then meeting at University of Nottingham, 4PM, ROOM D138 PORTLAND BUILDING, NOTTINGHAM UNI to join students and staff in open discussion. Speakers from University and College Union (UCU), Notts Save Our Services + Many more TBC. Info: 07849392842.

25 November: WE ARE ONE ‘Night of Light’ demonstration in Gedling to protest at the government closure of Gedling School – meet 5:30pm in the Phoenix pub car park [directions here]. Bring Glo sticks, torches … anything bright. Call Dale Vizzard for details: 07833762387. All welcome. Support from NUT:

Save Gedling School campaign on the Notts SOS march in Nottingham, 20th November 2010, with banner
Save Gedling School campaign on the Notts SOS march in Nottingham, 20th November 2010


The campaign to save Gedling School and Specialist Science College from possible closure is organising a ‘night of lights’ evening demonstration this week. The event will demonstrate the widespread community support for the school.

The campaign began when Nottinghamshire council officers indicated they were minded to recommend the closure of Gedling School, with a decision to be taken by the council’s cabinet members on December 15.

Gedling is a popular and friendly school that excels in many areas – in 2009 it achieved the best science results in the whole of Nottinghamshire. Since the possibility of closure has been publicised there has been an upsurge of support for the school across community and party lines. In a meeting on Monday afternoon both Conservative and Labour Gedling District councillors told Nottinghamshire officials that their plans were based on incorrect statistics and muddled thinking.

The event will begin on Thursday November 25 at 5.30pm. Supporters are asked to assemble at the Phoenix Pub (on Wollaton Avenue. Nottingham NG4 4HU), before marching down Wollaton Avenue to a campaign rally that will take place within the grounds of the school. Bring torches,
glo sticks….anything bright!

Chair of the campaign committee, and parent governor, Caroline Diss, said:

“Any possible withdrawal of our local school, with its specialism and outstanding results in science, and which is at the heart of the local community, would represent a blow to any notion of parental choice.
There are no places in neighbouring schools that perform well in the area leaving the only alternative option for Gedling parents a school that is in special measures.

“We know that no member of the cabinet would want that for their children. They have the power to stop this nightmare scenario happening to ours We implore them to reject the local authority’s recommendation to consult on closure of Gedling School”

Terry Chambers, Head of Year 9, said: “We feel it was important to show the strength of feeling, not only from the pupils but also the parents, the staff, ex-pupils and the whole community against the closure of our school. Any closure would have a devastating effect on the whole community. It seems crucial decisions of this kind are based on spurious data and statistics when the reality is that they will be
destroying the future of so many people.”

Save Gedling School:
Save Gedling School (campaign supporters network):
Save Gedling School Facebook:

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