Nottingham happenings over university fees hike and follow up action on 30th Nov

Nottingham university students demonstrate 24th Nov 2010 against cuts and fees
March between Portland Building and Trent Building on University of Nottingham campus on 24th November 2010
Today (November 24th) in Nottingham saw at least three events that will help us fight the hike in student tuition fees;

Around 60 students form Toot Hill school in Bingham walked out of classes as part of the Day of Action. Students congregated on the steps of the Council House at around midday.

At 2.00pm there was a Rally outside the Portland Building at the University of
Nottingham and more than 50 marched to the Trent building with banner. See COVERAGE OF MARCHES IN NOTTINGHAM, LINCOLN, LEICESTER ON ITV CENTRAL NEWS.

At 4.00pm there was a ‘Teach In’ inside the Portland Building, where 40 students, staff and other NottsSOS members met to work towards future activities: Watch this space!

Nottingham Conservative HQ closed on day of anti-fees protestAnd all day the Tory Party HQ in Nottingham was closed because they thought it would be attacked again. It’s good that they have had to acknowledge the strength of feeling against them, and nice of them to save us the trouble of demonstrating there by closing down anyway!

Let us know if we have missed any events you were involved in.

We want to encourage more students – at school, college and uni – to take action and work together. Nottingham has never been especially radical in terms of student politics. However, direct action has been taken at University of Nottingham several times on  various issues. When the war in Iraq began hundreds of school children walked out of class to join a massive city centre demo. So we can do it!

If we could get a massive reaction in Nottingham against the introduction of higher tuition fees and threats to Educational Maintenance Allowance for younger  students, that would be proof that this current unrest is no flash in the pan but indicative of a desire for real social change. Young people will take what they are entitled to if the ConDems won’t listen, and their teachers and Notts SOS will support them.

See also: UK COVERAGE on The Guardian website and on BBC.

Plan for follow up STUDENT STRIKE on Tuesday 30th November (Facebook link).

NEW: View poster for 30th November follow up action.. Contact email NSACAF@GMAIL.COM

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