Third day of action on student fees and education cuts in Nottingham on Saturday 4th December 2010, 2-5pm

Nick Clegg's pre-election student fees pledge, now brokenAs you will have seen elsewhere on our website, anti-fees/cuts action is being taken by Nottingham students and staff at both Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham today (now supported by UCU and NUS locally), and a Third Day of Action Against Cuts to Education has been called already to take place in the Market Square, Nottingham city centre, on Saturday, December 4 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm.

Facebook: Official Nottinghamshire Protest against the cuts to education

NOTE: This was originally advertised for Sunday, but it has been brought forward a day and the time is now 2pm, so people can start at the Vodafone demo at 1pm, then continue in the Square.

The organisers are keen that this is not only involving students but all who will be affected by the education cuts and fees increases and encourage creative methods of protest,

“The student occupations at Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cambridge and UCL universities, and the Royal Holloway Against Cuts group have all voted to call for a day of local demonstrations across the UK against cuts in education.

The decision was taken to hold this third national day of action on a Sunday so that parents, younger students, trade unionists and other supporters of the campaign who aren’t able to join us on the walkouts can take part.

We need to draw in all the other groups who are fighting against cuts, and who want to support our fight to save education and defend EMA.

In Nottingham we are holding a rally in the city centre, for everyone affected by the cuts to the public sector. This isn’t just for university students, it’s also for teachers, staff, lecturers, college students, secondary school pupils, primary school pupils, parents, workers in the public sector, trade unionists.

Help spread the word- invite your friends to this event on facebook, print off some leaflets to hand out at your school/college/workplace.

ALSO! Keep in mind, a national day of action does not just have to be just marches and speeches organised by a few people. Get together with people you know and plan something creative/devious/disruptive/fun/progressive/meaningful.”

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