Militants attack Nottinghamshire County Hall during week of cuts revelations

Militants attacked Nottinghamshire County Hall in West Bridgford last Wednesday night. “Fuck austerity!” and “Fight the cuts!” were painted on walls and damage was done to windows. In an anonymous communique published on Notts Indymedia, they claim that they will “continue to attack in solidarity with all those who are abused by goverments and banks in the name of capitalism”.

According to the Nottingham Evening Post, the Tory leader of Notts County Council, Kay Cutts, described the action as “absolutely disgraceful”. She didn’t comment on the planned £72m cuts to adult social care over the next 4 years that the Council unveiled today. It doesn’t seem to be a view shared by all of her staff. Some were seen taking photos of the graffiti this morning.

The plan to make enormous cuts to adult social care will involve “helping people stay in their homes” i.e. denying them residential care, cutting funding for sheltered housing and women’s refuges and making it even harder to qualify for a personal budget. It will be harder to find out what you are still entitled to – the welfare rights service will also be axed. Despite all of the politicians’ rhetoric, these cuts are going to hit precisely the most vulnerable groups in society.

Those responsible for the County Hall action said that theirs was “a small gesture” which was part of a larger refusal of “the way things are”. “The system is killing us and we must fight back.”

The above article is taken from Notts Indymedia. An online poll has also been set up to gather viewpoints on this sort of action. This is surely not the kind of Big Budget Conversation NCC leaders had in mind.

Recent articles from Nottingham Evening Post on County Cuts:

3 responses to “Militants attack Nottinghamshire County Hall during week of cuts revelations

  1. This has inevitably been labelled an act of vandalism. Kay Cutts has, inevitably again, taken the opportunity to make some capital out of it. It might be argued that it wont do our movement any favours.

    Right or wrong? Black or white? I dont know. I never will know. I do know however that direct action was, is and always will be a necessary part of the struggle.

  2. “The argument of the broken window pane is the most valuable argument in modern politics.”
    – Emmeline Pankhurst (suffragette)

  3. Political Descent Poll

    Please visit our Community Poll and Vote on the hottest question now facing us;
    Is committing Criminal Damage an appropriate means of showing political descent?

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