Hundreds protested at Notts County Hall on Thursday 21st October

Today Nottingham Evening Post reports on the campaign protest at Nottinghamshire County Council HQ in West Bridgford on Thursday 21st October, the same day that Councillors voted to implement £75m worth of cuts over the next four years. 164 proposals were ‘debated’ to help the authority save £150m and Councillors gave the green light to more than half. These ‘category A’ proposals, will be made shortly, while the rest will be put out to consultation. Cuts next year include axing 1,300 posts and many services will be affected. And this is only the beginning. This is the challenge that we will be facing in the County from now on.

See also: a commentary and lots of photos from the demonstration, posted on Indymedia the Sunday following the event.

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Evening Post (with very conservative count of numbers on the demo):

ABOUT 400 protestors gathered outside County Hall to show their anger about proposed cuts to Notts County Council’s staff and services. Demonstrators held union banners and chanted for the resignation of county council leader, Kay Cutts. Union leaders told the crowd that if the council leader did not believe in public services, she should stand down.

Unison branch secretary Martin Sleath said: “We are fighting for public services and giving the message to this Tory council that we will not put up with a single job cut and privatisation.” Lisa Jones, chairman of the Notts Disabled Peoples’ Movement, told the crowd she was “incensed” by the cuts. A number of the proposed council cuts affected groups supporting disabled and vulnerable residents. Mrs Jones said: “We cannot, and will not, stand by and allow this council to use the cuts as an excuse to condemn us to second class citizenship.”

Protestors held up signs with slogans such as ‘Say no to Cutts’, while two dressed as the grim reaper. Maria Kalinowska, 43, from Arnold, was at the protest representing Parents SOS, a group fighting to protect services for disabled children.

4 responses to “Hundreds protested at Notts County Hall on Thursday 21st October

  1. Sorry,justacouple of factual corrections. The figure for cuts isat least £70 M next yearalone,2011/12(may be moredepending on outcome of spending Review),and £150 M over next threeyears out of a total budget of £470M.
    On the jobs front aSection 188 Redundancy noticewasserved on 14/10 covering 1400 posts–they are planning to axe 3000 over next 3years.

  2. Source of above is:
    So these are only the cuts that have actually been voted on. And the 1300 jobs meantioned are only the one for ‘next year’ . As you say their plan for cuts is much greater and the intended job losses much higher. The County was widely criticised for prempting the Spending Review with their cuts plan.

  3. I thought the demo at County Hall was excellent. It was great to see so many user groups and individual workers telling their story of the impact the cuts would have. The Evening Post estimated the number of protesters at 400 but I would say it was a lot higher than that, possibly nearer 1,000. Several speakers talked about this being the start of a campaign and the mood amongst the crowd was certainly one militancy. Nevertheless, the unions represented at the event need to plan what to do next. The question of industrial action will need to be considered if we are to save the jobs threatened. We also need to give some thought to building a big demonstration in Nottingham on a Saturday drawing in many of the protesters at County Hall. We should discuss this at Monday’s meeting.

  4. The demo at County Hall was brilliant. Trade unionists, service users, community activists and ordinary working people united in their opposition to the savage cuts announced by the Tories in County Hall.
    Environment Agency staff showed their solidarity alongside others – not least as Defra will be facing a minimum 29% slash in funding.

    The public understand that it will be ordinary people, young and old, some from the most vulnerable sections of society who will be hit hardest by the cuts. They realise that there are alternatives and this is not the only way. To reverse the tide we must be prepared to stand together in what will be a battle against job losses and service attacks.
    Campaign for a mass demo in Nottingham.

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