Grim Reaper Gotcha! ex-Thatcher celebration at 5pm today – Old Market Square, Nottingham [with updates]

It’s hard to believe but Margaret Thatcher is really gone for good. A long standing plan to celebrate this joyous occasion will be enacted in Nottingham today starting at 5pm in the Market Square and will go on for some time so come whenever you can. We won’t forget the rest of them but that can wait for one day (part 2 is supposed to be in Trafalgar Square on Saturday). Bring banners, placards, bells & whistles.

Update[1] 9/4/2013: Celebrations… [ ] were had across the land. In Nottingham the Old Market Square festivities featured anti-poll tax banners from 1989-90, red and black flags and party poppers, plus a contemporary alert about Council Tax benefit changes. Partying continued at the Stage and impromptu event at the Chameleon Cafe Bar.

Update[2] 9/4/2013: Leicester Solidarity Group will be celebrating today:

3 responses to “Grim Reaper Gotcha! ex-Thatcher celebration at 5pm today – Old Market Square, Nottingham [with updates]

  1. Richard Jefferson

    Ding Dong the witch is dead.

  2. Pity she couldn’t take any sun lotion with her because where she’s going it’s gonna be hot, hot, hot!

  3. Im trying to find anti thatcher party in leicester I cant get to Notts as have my son with me, does anyone know it will be 6pm Clocktower 13/4 please?
    I am REALLY glad shes gone – was at London Poll tax protest and was scary the way the police horses swung round to Trafalger square sent by the witch,i she also lost me my home/job in London due to a boyfriend who did support the poll tax – loser – and I had to move back to Leics. Good riddance to BAD rubbish.

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