Notts Uncut mark a year of protest against the cuts and corporate tax avoidance

On Saturday 12th November 2011, meeting outside Boots on Upper Parliament Street, protestors and activist of Notts Uncut proceeded to Vodafone in Clumber Street, to remind them of the £8 billion pounds that they owe in taxes. This day of action marked one year of activity by Notts Uncut who have protested relentlessly against the companies who have been highlighted as moving their operations off-shore to avoid paying UK tax, linking this to the cuts in services that are supposedly due to lack of money in the public purse.

Other usual suspects were also visited including Topshop, Dorethy Perkins, another Vodafone, BHS in Broadmarch and of course Boots, eventually arriving back in the Market Square for tea and cakes at the Occupy Nottingham camp.

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