Report and photos from 10th May industrial action and rallies in Nottingham

Report from Indymedia. Lots of photos at:

Public Service workers in health, education and the civil service were striking on Thursday 10 May in their next stage of the pensions dispute. Members of Unite working in health, UCU in education and the PCS in the civil service took part in the action which they thought to be an important step to bigger and more coordinated action in June.

Joining with ASLEF train drivers who were taking their 4th day of action over changes to their own pensions, which will see their pension pot devalued as a result of lower employer contribution. Like workers in the public sector, they are facing pensioner poverty for themselves and young people hoping to move into employment whose future the government seem determined to sell out.

There were two rallies on the day. The first started at the Queens Medical Centre at 11.00 am and linked in with Unite members there. After that, the main rally took place at 12.00 in the Market Square, Nottingham. Guest speakers will included union members in ASLEF, UNITE, UCU and PCS and a representative from Occupy Nottingham, students as well as representatives of other unions in dispute.

See also, ASLEF strike report from Tuesday 15th May:

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