Notts Save Our Services statement on the August Riots

Notts SOS recognises that the causes of the riots and looting has to be
seen in a context of mass youth unemployment, public sector cuts and
police harassment.

Whilst the motives of individuals might vary, we do not doubt that
attacks on jobs and public services and a grossly unequal society within
a system which depends on persuading people that they must demand more
and more material goods to stimulate “growth”, and yet which denies some
people the means to access even a decent living, is a society which
cannot prosper.

Cutting public sector jobs, reducing social support and community
initiatives, making the vulnerable even more so, whilst allowing the
wealthy causers of the economic crisis to go unpunished, contributed to
the recent disturbances.

Actions to prevent further similar disturbances would need to be wide
ranging and involve deep seated change, but would be aimed at creating a
fairer society in which everyone can be treated justly, play a part,
live decently, and feel self respect and respect for others.

Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts have also produced a statement which can be found here:

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