Notts SOS meeting, legal observer training and Occupy Notts

This is the latest update from Nottinghamshire Save Our Services (Notts SOS).


We meet every two weeks. We missed a week for Easter, so the next
meetings will be tomorrow (Monday 16th April) and Mon 30th April.

Meetings start at 7.30pm and are held at the International Community
Centre, Mansfield Road. Meetings are usually finished before 9pm and
there’s often an opportunity to carry on any discussion informally in
the pub afterwards. Please do come along and get involved.



Have you ever been at a demo, near a line of police, and witnessed the
police do something you’re pretty sure they’re not supposed to do?
Baton someone, for instance, or stop and search a nearby protester, or
snatch somebody out of the crowd? Ever wondered how you can: a) know
what to do, and b) how you can help them?

Now is your chance to find out.

Nottingham Defence Campaign have invited Green and Black Cross to run
a Legal Observer training session at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre from
2pm on Saturday 21st April.

It is a comprehensive training, that will cover:

* Police tactics
* Stop & search law & procedure
* How to support arrests
* Police ranks & command structure
* Supporting direction action
* How to best legally support activists and nail the inappropriate
policing afterwards

If you are an experienced activist there will be parts you know
already, but the depth we go into should give you more confidence and
knowledge of how to deal with the police.

It will consist of 4 hours of training and some well-deserved breaks in between.

Legal Observers are consistently key to helping people at protests,
whether that is by handing out key legal advice on bust cards or
finding witnesses for arrests.




On Saturday April 14th, Occupy Nottingham marked six months in the
Market Square.

The Council’s plans to evict them continue. At the court hearing on
Thursday 5th April, the judge set a court date for 30th April,
anticipating that the hearing could last up to 3 days.

Report of hearing:


Monday 16th April, 7.30pm
Notts SOS meeting. ICC, Mansfield Rd

Saturday 21st April, 2pm
Legal observer training organised by Nottingham Defence Campaign and
run by Green and Black Cross. Held at the Sumac Centre

Friday 27th April, 7.15pm-late
Notts Trades Council May Day social. The Polish Eagle Club. £5 on the

Monday 30th April
Occupy Nottingham: first day of trial

Monday 30th April, 7.30pm
Notts SOS meeting. ICC, Mansfield Rd

Saturday 5th May, 10am
May Day march from the Forest Recreation Ground for a rally in the
Market Square. Speakers to include Mark Serwotka from PCS

Thursday 10th May, 7.30pm
Kill the Act! Meeting about the Health and Social Care Act. Friends
Meeting House, Rosemary Street, Mansfield,, Notts., NG19 6AB

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