A few news items about the cuts – Nottingham, Notts, national

Here are a few of the recent cuts stories linked on https://nottssos.org.uk/in-the-news/. Notts SOS is preparing for action against the budget decisions pending in both the City and County. For details of events, see: https://nottssos.org.uk/2011/02/06/anti-cuts-diary-dates-from-monday-7th-february-2011-nottingham-notts/

  • Cuts protesters march into Mansfield, The Chad, 12/2/2011.
  • Nottingham City Council’s court triumph in cash battle, The Nottingham Post, 12/2/2011.
  • English forest sell-off put on hold, The Guardian, 11/2/2011.
  • Gove loses court battle over cancelled school building projects, The Guardian, 11/2/2011.
  • Liberal Democrat council leaders attack spending cuts, BBC News website, 10/2/2011.
  • Tax avoidance protesters turn their attention to Britain’s banks, The Guardian, 10/2/2011.
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