From the Forest to the Square – All out for a big Notts demonstration against the cuts – Saturday 20th November

Saturday 20th November is when we must make the City and County authorities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire aware of the strength of feeling that is growing against cuts to services, jobs, welfare and education. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a locally or centrally controlled budget, we can’t allow these cuts to go ahead without a fight.

To find out just some of what’s happening in Nottingham and Notts, read our Newsletter –
Notts SOS Newsletter No. 1
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We will be assembling at the Forest Recreation Ground from 11.30am and marching at 12.30pm to the Market Square in Nottingham City Centre for a rally. The event is ‘Demonstration Against the Cuts ‘ and we say “There is an alternative. Make the rich pay for the crisis.” Bring your banners and placards (otherwise some will be available from Notts SOS). Let’s make it as big & noisy as possible!

Unless we refuse to accept them, all these cuts will go ahead while the well off people who govern us remain unaffected. If services and welfare are taken away, many people with illnesses and disability will suffer. If education is cut children and students of all ages will suffer. Facilities will close or get reduced and many more people will suffer. Is this the kind of society we want to live in?

All this,

  • while the banks remain bailed out with billions of pounds.
  • while vast city bonuses are still being given to individuals.
  • while private interests are being allowed to take over every aspect of life.
  • while huge corporate tax bills, like those of Vodafone or Boots, are avoided by sleight of hand.
  • while inequality of earnings is greater than ever.
  • while food and fuel prices are rising.
  • while billions of pounds are spent on weapons.
  • while billions of the world’s poor remain poor or are exploited for financial gain.
  • while the environment is ignored in the relentless search for profit and growth.
  • while the cause of the financial crisis remains virtually unchanged.

There must be a better way.

We won’t change the world in a day, but we have to take a stand against austerity.

Let’s remind the politicians who the Big Society really is.

We call on all workers, benefits and pension recipients, community groups, arts organisations, charities, school and college students, to unite and show opposition to the cuts in our region. Campaigners from nearby areas are welcome to join.

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