PRESS RELEASE – Notts Save Our Services campaign launched to fight the public service cuts

Notts Save Our Services campaign launched to fight the public service cuts. Also download leaflet that accompanies press release (pictured).

jpg image of notts sos press release 29 september 2010PRESS RELEASE

A coalition of organisations representing the people who provide public services and those who use them has been launched to fight the public sector cuts taking place across the City and County.  It will also spell out the alternatives to reduce the public sector deficit. Notts Save Our Services (Notts SOS) campaign is launched today as millions of workers take to the streets across Europe in a Day of Action to protest against government-imposed austerity measures.

“We are facing cuts of £150 million plus in the County Council. That means cuts to day and social care, welfare rights advice, youth support, the play service and it means the closure of mental health centres and old people’s homes,” said Branch Secretary of Notts Unison Martin Sleath. “And the Council is proposing turning old people’s homes, cleaning, catering and its trading services over to the private sector, without allowing any in-house tenders.”

Liz Silver from Nottinghamshire Disabled People’s Movement said “These cuts will have a devastating impact on disabled people locally and nationally – for example people with mental health issues, people with learning difficulties and people who rely on Disability Living Allowance.”

And Lynn Stables, a parent who is campaigning for funding for school refurbishment, said: “The scrapping of the Building Schools for the Future programme, which was done without any consultation, has taken millions of pounds for urgent and essential repairs away from local schools.”

Notts SOS will be taking action to fight these cuts and is putting forward alternatives.

“There is an alternative. These cuts are not inevitable,” said Richard Buckwell, Secretary of the Notts. Trades Union Council (TUC). “Public service workers did not cause this crisis, the banks did. Yet bankers bonuses are back up to 2007 levels and the richest 1,000 people in Britain have seen their wealth increase by £78 billion in the last year alone – almost the same amount the Government wants to cut from our services.  The outgoing Director of Lloyds TSB, which had to be bailed out by tax payers, is leaving his “modest” £1 million-a-year job to enjoy a reported £14 million pension pot.”

The campaign points to alternatives for a budget that could Save our Services. These include:

  • Taxing the rich more – just a 50% tax rate would raise another £4.7 billion;
  • Collecting the £120 billion evaded, avoided and uncollected tax (mostly by the rich) by employing more tax collectors instead of sacking them;
  • Raising £30 billion by introducing a tax on major financial transactions by Britain’s financial institutions – the Robin Hood tax;
  • Scraping Trident which could cost £100 billion; and
  • Many more alternatives that don’t hit working class families.

Spokesperson for Notts SOS, Liam Conway, said “Don’t wait until a redundancy notice lands on your desk. Don’t wait until your elderly relative’s care home or your local library is closed. Get involved in this campaign and join the fight against these cuts now.”


For further information contact:

Richard Buckwell on 07940 952 825 or Liam Conway on 07746 620 779

Details of forthcoming events:

3 October 2010: Coaches leave Nottingham for the demonstration outside the Tory party conference in Birmingham.

11 October 2010: Next meeting of Notts SOS 7.30pm at the International Community Centre, 61B Mansfield Rd, Nottingham.

21 October 2010: Lobby of County Hall, West Bridgford from 12.30pm when the County Council is due to publicise massive proposed cuts and privatising most of its services.

For more information see

jpg image of notts sos press release 29 september 2010

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