Save Our NHS Day of Action in Nottingham & Notts: Saturday July 9th 2011

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The campaign against the government’s plans for the NHS is at a
crossroads. Overwhelming opposition, from ordinary people, the BMA,
the NHS Federation, the RCN, the unions and even the Liberal Democrat
spring conference has forced them onto the back foot.

The “pause” to allow the government to “listen” has turned into a six
month delay for the Bill to be sent back to the committee stage in
Parliament. This is by no means the death of the Bill and everything
it entails, but it does give us more time to build the campaign
against it.

This is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss. We need to press home
our advantage and ensure the Bill is killed off and the government
told in no uncertain terms that we will not let them – or anybody else
– dismantle the NHS.

We are calling for coordinated action in defence of the NHS on July
9th, the Saturday after the anniversary of the NHS’ founding on July
5th 1948. Be creative: visit your local MP, protest against
profiteering healthcare companies, have a picnic outside a pro-Bill
GP’s surgery, march from or to a local hospital, shutdown a tax
dodging company for the day.

If you want to add your group as a supporter of this day of action,
please email

Supported by:
Notts Save Our Services

and (so far)
Anarchist Federation (Nottingham group)
Disabled People Against Cuts
Nottingham Socialist Party
Notts Uncut
Save Hayward House Daycare
Sneinton Against the Cuts
Youth Fight for Jobs

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