Fuel poverty protest in Nottingham, Thursday 14 February 2013 at 12:30pm

Fuel poverty protest against E.on.

Event venue: Eon Open House, 33 Lister Gate, Nottingham, NG1. [Map]

Thursday, 14 February 2013 12:30 until 14:00

Eon and the other five big energy companies (EDF, Centrica, SSE,
Scottish Power and npower) are a cartel which controls 99% of the
domestic energy market. Domestic energy prices for us are constantly
rising whilst every year these companies declare record profits.

According to a recent survey, this winter 1 in 4 families have had to face
a stark choice between heating and eating. Whilst e.on executives and
shareholders spend bumper profits on second homes and holidays abroad,
people in the UK are freezing because they need to eat.

We are starving to stay warm!

On June the 17th and 18th the G8 world leaders will be meeting in
Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, to discuss how to maintain the capitalist
system which enables and justifies this daylight robbery. While we allow
our lives to be governed by these crooks profit will always come before
people. The only way to achieve real change is to break from this
vicious cycle of exploitation, smash capitalism and reorganise our
communities in a way which ensures everyone has access to the
necessities of life.

From the 10th of June there will be a week of action, workshops and
meetings in London to protest against the G8 and to work towards
building the sort of world that we want to live in.


Stop the Great Fuel Robbery weekend of action… One week to go

Hi everyone,

Next weekend, between 15th-18th February, hundreds of people across
the UK will be taking to the streets to Stop the Great Fuel Robbery in
our national weekend of fuel bill assemblies and action
( http://fuelpovertyaction.org.uk/stop-the-great-fuel-robbery/ ) All
the details of what’s going on are at the end of this email. But,
first, here’s a round-up things you can do to help.


We’ve launched an online forum for people to speak out about their
experiences of the likes of mammoth fuel bills, greedy landlords,
rip-off energy companies. If you can’t make it to an event on the
weekend, submit your testimony online in advance (make sure you let us
know if you want it read out at a fuel bill assembly.
Find the online speak-out forum here:


We’re asking trade union branches to offer their support for Fuel
Poverty Action and our weekend of action. If you have union contacts,
email fuelpovertyaction@gmail.com and we’ll pass on a model email and
letter and motion of support.


The facebook event for the weekend of action is here:
Please join the event, invite all your friends and share it as your status.
And, don’t forget to follow @FuelPovAction on Twitter.

Warm wishes,

Fuel Poverty Action
Visit http://www.fuelpovertyaction.org.uk
Twitter: @FuelPovAction
Email us at fuelpovertyaction [at] gmail.com
Tel: 07586 482 157

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