MAY DAY MAY DAY: Organising Against Austerity – meeting at the Mechanics – Tuesday 1st May 2012

MAY DAY MAY DAY: Organising Against Austerity


A MAY DAY meeting for all those interested in organising against austerity outside of parliamentary avenues. Hosted by the Anarchist Federation.

Download: MAY DAY MAY DAY Leaflet or read same text below.

As the cuts sink in around us, neoliberalism is adapting rapidly to overcome public resistance. But new forms of collective, direct, and effective action against capitalism have bubbled up across the world at the same time. The work begins locally and spreads rapidly, but it can only happen here if we put our heads together, work with the resources we have, learn from our successes and setbacks, and mobilise. May Day seems like a great place to start!

Come one, come all, but leave anything you’re selling at home. The meeting will be facilitated and focused around main ideas presented before and perhaps during the event. A free literature table will be available and everyone’s encouraged to fill it up. Organisations are welcome but party-political speeches telling us what we already know are not.

Please come with ideas to share on the following sorts of topics or suggest your own via email or facebook

What remains of the anti-cuts/anti-capitalist movement in Nottingham? What is its focus and aims? How do the people involved see things progressing?

Have we lost the battle against the cuts? If not, where should we focus our activity? If so, what does organising against austerity now entail? What do we mean by ‘success’ in this context?

How is our class experiencing and responding to austerity? What will we settle for? How long before regular mass civil disturbances take off? What could they achieve?

How would a successful movement relate to permanent organisations such as trade unions and charities? And what is the role of existing, long-standing campaigns?

Email: nottingham [at] or find the facebook event to find out more or suggest topics, questions or participants.


Sunday 29th April, 2PM: Open House at the Sparrows’ Nest, St. Ann’s: Making plans and placards for Nottingham May Day on 5th May. Bring stuff and ideas. Phone or email The Sparrows’ Nest (details on website).
For more info on this year’s May Day March see facebook, or

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