Notts Uncut open meeting – 31st January 2011

Notts Uncut, our local campaign against corporate tax avoiders including Vodaphone, Boots and owners of several other high street stores are having an open meeting next Tuesday 31st January 2012 to plan for the future, so discussing ideas for future actions, strategies and tactics, publicity, getting more people involved and whatever else comes up. Venue is the Roebuck (Wetherspoons) on St. James Street, Nottingham City Centre, starting at 7.30pm.

The Notts Uncut phone number is 07856565214 and it’s fine to advertise this number to anyone who can’t make it on the night but wants something bringing up, comes along but can’t find us etc.

Also if anyone saw any of the 3 Notts Uncut arrests on 17th December 2011 and would be willing to act as a witness please contact or phone the number above.
They are back at Bridewell Court today. Witnesses can be hugely important to building a defence case. If you were there its really important that you take notes about what you remember and get in touch as above. If you know somebody else who was there, make sure you get on to them to do so.

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