Reports from Notts SOS July 9th protest and rally against the Health and Social Care Bill & NHS privatisation [plus Notts UnCut action and poem]

Campaigners from Nottinghamshire Save Our Service (Notts SOS) protested outside Virgin Media on Clumber Street, Nottingham on Saturday July 9th against government plans to open the NHS up to private companies.

The protest at Virgin followed a rally at Speakers’ Corner, Market Square, where Secretary of State Andrew Lansley was ‘put on trial’ for his role in promoting the Health and Social Care Bill, which campaigners fear will open the door to the privatisation of the NHS. Virgin Media was targeted because of a report which revealed that Assura Medical, part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group was particularly well positioned to benefit from the Bill.

Full feature on Indymedia release:
Leaflet text:
Photos/Audio of Lansley trial:

Notts Uncut report on July 9th: HSBC occupied to save the NHS

The Clumber Street branch of HSBC in Nottingham was occupied for 2 hours this morning by Notts Uncutters. This was part of the day of action to save the NHS called for by Notts SOS. The protest targeted HSBC for its involvement in PFI contracts that drain tens of millions of pounds from the health system. Also, due to its offshore tax arrangements, HSBC only pays a tiny fraction of its profits in tax. Full report:
Photos of Virgin protest:

Poem sent to Notts SOS

Privatisation, a Step to Far

The New Pork Farms
Geriatric Medical Centre
Don’t sound up to much!

Fancy using a pig’s
trotter to replace
A sawn-off owd foot

Lord Biro

(not far from the truth either … although this was about Samworth Academy school).

Date for diary

Sicko by Michael Moore
Friday 14th October 2011
Paradiso Cinema at Chilwell Arts Theatre

The film investigates health care in the USA where illness can easily lead to bancruptcy (and worse) due to the greed of the health insurance business and pharmaceutical industry. The film compares the for-profit, non-universal U.S. system with the non-profit universal health care systems of the UK (now under threat) and other countries such as Cuba and Canada.



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