Indymedia reports on the latest anti-cuts and fees demonstrations in London and Manchester – 29th Jan 2011

NUS president requiring police reassurance in Manchester on 29th January 2011
NUS president requiring police reassurance in Manchester on 29th January 2011
Nottingham students and lecturers from both universities and further education & six form colleges demonstrated again amongst thousands in both London and Manchester on Saturday 29th January against forthcoming rises in tuition fees, the cut to EMA that has already taken place, and cuts to other services.

Some demonstrators who went to London, including some of the Nottingham contingent, ended up at the Egyptian embassy near Hyde Park in solidarity with anti-government protests there, before joining coaches back. Others took action at high street stores of tax avoiding companies, many of which were closed and had to be protected by police (reports and other media below).

In Manchester hundreds of students chased NUS president through the streets with chants including “Students, workers, hear us shout, Aaron Porter sold us out” and “Porter – out”. Eventually he took refuge in Manchester Metropolitan Students’ Union, protected by a heavy cordon of riot police. NUS deputy, Vice-President Further Education Shane Chowan who took his place was drowned out by hostile chanting and pelted with eggs (full story in Manchester link below).

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Back home, Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts (NSAFC) are asking all students to Boycott the National Student Survey Follow link for details or goto Facebook:!/?sk=messages&tid=1404966704398

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