Housing under attack – join a flash mob in Market Square, Tuesday 2nd Nov at 6pm

Logo of Framework, homelessness charity in Nottingham and Notts

At the Notts SOS meeting last night it was announced that Framework workers have called for a “flash mob” – that is, a mass of people to turn up in Nottingham City Centre in the Market Square today Tuesday 2nd November 2010, to make a poignant protest.
Update: Framework flash mob took place – read a report on Notts Indymedia.

To participate please come, if you can, with something to lie on, and a torch.

Framework is a “homelessness charity providing housing, support, training, care and resettlement services – opening doors to thousands of homeless and vulnerable people throughout Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.” Like many voluntary and third sector organisation in our region and elsewhere, it is facing severe cuts due to withdrawal or reduction of financial support from local councils.

Framework stresses that, “From next spring, thousands of homeless and vulnerable people are likely to go without support if funding cuts proposed by Nottinghamshire County Council are implemented” since hundreds of jobs will be lost across the county’s voluntary sector. Many other people agree that voluntary organisations in Nottingham and Notts will be affected by the cuts.

2 responses to “Housing under attack – join a flash mob in Market Square, Tuesday 2nd Nov at 6pm

  1. I came to the market square on Nove 2 for the flashmob. I was there from a little after 6 p.m. and nothing happened. I think I missed the event which apparently lasted about 2 minutes. What was that about??

  2. You were just too late I’m afraid. It took place exactly as and when planned, as far as I know. Given that it was pouring with rain it was a great success, with other 100 people taking part. We assembled and listened to speaches first as planned, and certainly lay down for much longer than two minutes, because I time for a nice catch-up chat with someone I hadn’t see for a while. But it was only ever intended to be a short, tightly organised symbolic act. If you want a full-blown sit-in in the Market Square, get in touch. The present situation certainly calls for one! In the meantime, come on the demo tomorrow!

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