Defend student occupation of Tory HQ – and follow up Day of Action on 24th November

Students and education workers at Conservative Party HQ - showing a lot more people than the so called rogue minority reported by the mainstream mediaSeveral people have already commented on this via our newsletter No 1, but I think we need more comments on here and a higher profile for the issue of tuition fees in the light of yesterday’s events in London. I for one want to place on record my support for those students who occupied Millbank Tower, Tory Party HQ.As others have said, the real violence here is the violent assault by the Tories and LibDems on the access rights of students, particularly working class students, to higher education. The comments of Aaron Porter, the President of NUS, calling his fellow protesters mindless hoodlums, were totally out of order. Up until the General Election Porter was to the right of the LibDems in that he supports tuition fees, though not any increase. Those who stormed Tory Party HQ were venting the frustration and anger not just of students but all those who are experiencing or will soon experience the Tory axe. The determination of these young people to say no to these attacks is an inspiration to us all – it is time for us all to stand up and be counted. Let’s mobilise as many students as possible for the demo on November 20th and show that thousands can demonstrate in Nottingham as well as London.


NEW – Press Release for Day of Action on Wednesday 24th November:

NEWER – Stop the hunt on the Millbank protestors (Facebook)

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