Bedroom tax protext in Bootle, Merseyside shows the way + Nottingham protest on March 16th

Update 2 – Nottingham protest report and photos:

Update1 – Nottingham protest announced:

Saturday, March 16, 2013.1:00pm. In Nottingham alone, 4746 families will be affected by the Bedroom Tax. We oppose the Bedroom Tax in principle & in detail. Not one person should be forced to pay it. This is a peaceful demonstration to protest against the injustice of the Bedroom Tax that penalises the disabled, single parents, families of those recently deceased, foster parents and the parents of children in the army or at university: This will be a static demonstration rather than a protest march.

Twitter: @BedTaxNotts

Many hundreds of people raged through the streets of Bootle, Merseyside yesterday (28th February 2013), in protest against the ‘Bedroom Tax’, which is just one month away from implementation. The ‘tax’ is actually a housing benefit cut if you have any spare rooms in a council house or other social housing. The mass demonstration had been organised by grassroots resistance group Stand Up In Bootle, which only sprang up a few weeks ago. Full story:

Meanwhile Nottingham City Council have mounted a petition to central government against the tax, a move that is being backed by the local voluntary sector:

It will be interesting to see which approach is successful. Nottingham City Council have a long way to go to convince City residents it has their interests at heart, having cut many services that affect housing and homelessness over the last few years and is also poised to implement the government’s council tax benefit reform which will result in some council tax being due if you are on certain benefits.

See also: ‘Bedroom tax’ is ‘appalling’ says paediatrician:

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  1. The bedroom tax cant be a tax if there are exceptions a tax applies to everyone.what we need is someone to take to the high court on the grounds of discrimination, if there are now exceptions then you could claim you are being discriminated against. I went on the march in Bootle, we need to get clever and the disabled have shown us the unfair way this has been applied. its discrimination against people such as divorced dads who have their children at weekends or people who have limited visits from their children if they are in care the list could be endless, Bedroom tax is a way of disguising cuts to benefits they wouldn’t get away with it if they said benefit cuts so the lack of social housing and the so called need to cut the welfare bill developed into this bedroom tax and they thought people would swallow this ill thought and draconian ideology.

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