Bassetlaw campaign gets going

Bassetlaw, the northernmost district of Nottinghamshire is facing massive cuts due to Notts County Council’s plans released last week (see for details of these wide-ranging cuts).

A leaflet/poster, which also features our brand new logo, has been produced by Notts SOS campaigners in the area to highlight how this will affect Bassetlaw residents and workers: Bassetlaw SOS leaflet no.1

Militants attack Nottinghamshire County Hall during week of cuts revelations

Militants attacked Nottinghamshire County Hall in West Bridgford last Wednesday night. “Fuck austerity!” and “Fight the cuts!” were painted on walls and damage was done to windows. In an anonymous communique published on Notts Indymedia, they claim that they will “continue to attack in solidarity with all those who are abused by goverments and banks in the name of capitalism”. Continue reading “Militants attack Nottinghamshire County Hall during week of cuts revelations”

Notts County Council “Big Budget Conversation” – add your comments!

Notts County Council are currently holding a “Big Budget Conversation“. It all seems a bit like Turkeys voting for Christmas but it would be good if people could increase the amount of anti-cuts messages on
this. The council will also be revealing further cut plans next week. Continue reading “Notts County Council “Big Budget Conversation” – add your comments!”

What cuts are we opposing?

Things will become a lot clearer when the Con-Dem coalition’s spending review is announced next month. In the meantime, here is a list of mainly local cuts mooted before the General  Election (as of Mayday 2010), some already being made. Since May there have been further announcements including the abolishing of some NHS Trusts, Authorities and Organisations over the coming years, plus a additional cut of £4 billion in the welfare budget.  Locally we can add Carlton Road to the list of library closures which will probably get ‘merged’ with St Anns. Continue reading “What cuts are we opposing?”

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