Corporate tax campaigners close Vodafone in Nottingham again and protest at (and in) other shops [plus videos]

Protesters inside Boots at Victoria Centre Nottingham on day of action by UK Uncut
A large grouping of anti-cuts and corporate tax campaigners from the Trades Council, Notts SOS and swelled immensely by the support of students and education workers on the other anti-cuts and fees protest in town on 4th December 2010, got Vodafone shutters closed down again (one on 3 seperate occasions on Clumber St.) as Nottingham’s contribution to the continuing UK Uncut days of action took place at Clumber Street and all around the city centre. Two Boots stores and Topshop were also targetted. Click on photo to enlarge the walk through one Boots store.

More media, reports, opinions: See photos on NSAFC website. Watch Video of Nottingham protest at one Vodafone shop, at St. Peter’s Gate, on YouTube. Read Notts Trades Council report. Read article and watch video on Notts Indymedia. Read article written for Coalition of Resistance site [Word] [PDF].

It should be noted that the recent bailout in Ireland included keeping corporation tax at present levels but to cut the minimum wage, showing that we are indeed paying for the banking and general capitalist crisis. Cuts, low corparate taxation and low wages are the state solutions to economic crisis and obviously fully endorsed by HMRC. Shareholders are also responsible as their dividends from the profits of these companies are in relation to the money saved on tax avoidance (and from exploiting workers who make the goods or work in their stores). On the same day of this protest it was on the news that Kraft who recently acquired Cadbury are moving a large part of its business operation to Switzerland to avoid paying UK tax showing that this is part of a ongoing strategy by global corporations to avoid tax with the full collusion of governments.

In London: Press release: Flagship Topshop Closed Amid National Protests Against Tax Avoidance. Many more actions took place around the country and are set to continue.

See also: UK Uncut protesters spied upon by undercover police (reported day before, 3rd Dec, Guardian).

Watch Video of Nottingham protest at one Vodafone shop, at St. Peter’s Gate, on YouTube:


Watch Video of March through Nottingham city centre.


See also: George Osbourse tax avoidance song: Georgy Boy (1st of May Band)


Keep up the pressure on Saturday 4th December, 1pm-5pm

BREAKING NEWS: The University of Nottingham occupation is voluntarily suspended. The University management has agreed to a meeting with students and staff on Monday, for a discussion about the demands of the occupation from Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts.

The hundreds of students involved are now free to join the events in town on Saturday!

1pm: Protest tax avoiding corporations! Starts 1pm at Vodafone on Clumber Street in Nottingham City Centre. Other shops may be visited of corporations that are avoiding tax using off-shore headquarters and other dubious methods.

then stay for

2pm-5pm: Third day of action on student fees and education cuts in Nottingham on Saturday 4th December 2010, Market Square, in Nottingham City Centre.

Let’s keep up the pressure in the run up to the vote on student fees on Thursday 9th, and beyond. Elsewhere, the 4th has also been called as a general day of action against austerity, and against welfare and housing cuts. The students’ occupations and demonstrations have sparked enthusiasm and strong will such that anti-cuts activity cannot be ignored. Much more will be needed but last month has surely provided the beginning we needed.

Read the latest Notts SOS Newsletter – Issue no.2, December 2010.

Protest tax avoiding corporations! Starts 1pm at Vodafone on Clumber Street in Nottingham City Centre on Saturday 4th December

Vodafone tax avoidance demonstration with Won't Pay as They Go bannerNotts Save Our Services will be calling on corporations to pay their tax on Saturday 4 December. We meet at 1pm outside Vodafone on Clumber Street and will visit a few other tax avoiders after that.

This is our second demo in Nottingham about corporate tax. For info and videos of the first and other tax related articles, see:

PRESS RELEASE: [Notts SOS Tax Avoidance Day of Action Press Release] [PDF format]

Download flyer:
Tax avoiders protest nottingham 4th dec 2010

Background: VODAPHONE – Taxman let Vodafone off £6bn bill. Private Eye investigation: Vodafone – don’t pay as you go and Vodafone-a-friend at HMRC . ARCADIA GROUP including TOPSHOP, DOROTHY PERKINS & MISS SELFRIDGE: Philip Green to be target of corporate tax avoidance protest and Topshop chief Sir Philip Green to conduct review of coalition spending cuts.

Text of flyer:

Avoiding tax is big business. British corporations avoid up to £25 billion a year in tax, with major offenders including Vodafone (owes £6 billion); Boots (paid £0 in tax last year); and Top Shop, where boss Philip Green has signed ownership of his company over to his wife in the tax haven of Monte Carlo. He now pays no tax in Britain .

Tax-avoiding corporations cost the government billions each year, money that could be used to invest in services and protect jobs. Instead, HMRC are writing off tax bills for the richest in our society, whilst sending bills to pensioners, workers and others who they claim owe thousands due to their miscalculations.

Notts Save Our Services will be joining a national day of action against tax-avoiding corporations, starting from Vodafone in Clumber Street and visiting other tax-avoiders along the way.

Tell the corporations: it’s time to pay tax!

Join us on Saturday 4 December at 1pm outside

Vodafone. Bring your banners, placards, whistles. Tweet the demo: #ukuncut

Kerfuffle at tax-dodging Boots – in Worthing, West Sussex, but it could be anywhere …

This was circulated on the Community Action Network mailing list which is a network that is helping link up community solidarity groups around the UK. More info and links to groups in Worthing.

Kerfuffle at tax-dodging Boots

ANTI-CUTS protesters caused a kerfuffle at the Worthing branch of Boots at Saturday lunchtime, November 13, as they drew attention to the firm’s tax-dodging antics.

Five of them walked into the Montague Street shop and started handing out leaflets [see text below] to customers condemning the way Boots moved its HQ to a Swiss post office box to avoid paying some £86 million a year in UK taxes – while ordinary people are made to suffer by ConDem cuts.

It took some time for panicked staff to round them up from the two floors of the busy store and they and others then carried on the leafleting outside the two street entrances, attracting a lot of interest and support from shoppers.

Boots management called Sussex Police, who started asking activists to provide their names and addresses, which they declined to do.

The cops also said Boots was accusing them of harassing customers by forcing them to take leaflets, but on being told that this was not true they did not pursue the point.

Customers leaving the shop reported that Boots staff had tried to take from them the leaflets that they had been handed on their way in.

Around 300 leaflets were handed out in an effective mini-action that clearly left Boots rattled – as did the previous action down the road at Vodafone.

More of these actions will be staged in future. Why not come and join us next time?

Below is the text of the leaflet:


DID you know that Boots The Chemist, that High Street shop with which we are all so familiar, is stealing £86 million a year from the British public thanks to a tax dodge?

That’s right! As exposed recently on BBC radio’s File on 4, it sneakily changed its HQ to a post office office box in Switzerland to avoid paying proper UK taxes and is now handing over only £14m a year instead of more than £100m.

Meanwhile, Boots boss Andy Hornby – the former chief of failed bank HBOS, walked away with more than £2m in his own pocket for his first nine months’ work.

It’s the same picture everywhere – Big Business is being allowed to get away without paying its fair share of taxes that the rest of us have to cough up. And the Fat Cat bosses are laughing in our faces with their massive pay cheques and luxury lifestyles.

This comes at a time when the Tory/Lib Dem government is telling us the country is broke and we’ve all got to make ‘sacrifices’. Thousands of people will be losing their jobs. Vital public services will be cut.

Those who cannot find work are to be punished with what amounts to slave labour or the threat of starvation. Only the rich are to be allowed a proper education with the massive hike in student fees.

The NHS is coming under attack from privatisation. We are all going to have to work until we drop dead because the state doesn’t want to pay us the pension we’ve earned.

This is not a coincidence! What we are seeing is a deliberate attack on the majority of the population by greedy global Big Business and its friends in the deeply unpleasant Conservative and Lib Dem parties. We say we have to fight back! The students in London have shown us the way – we have to make it quite clear to the ruling elite that we will not put up with DAYLIGHT ROBBERY from Boots or any other Fat Cat criminals!

Join the resistance!

Vodafone pay your taxes! [with videos]

On Clumber Street in Nottingham city centre today a demonstration was held outside the Vodafone shop about their non-payment of tax in Britain and in other countries. Why are services and jobs being cut when this could be covered by getting corporations and the rich to pay up? Noone was available to answer this question as the shop had been closed before the demonstration got there, and a small police cordon was there too (to protect business, as usual?). The Nott SOS demonstration clearly stated it was not directed at Vodafone shopworkers or shoppers but at the directors, owners. This message was not lost on passers-by. As well from those on holding placards in front of the shop, down the whole of Clumber Street the cry of “Vodafone pay your taxes” could clearly be heard.

View [Photos] on Notts Indymedia.

Watch videos: [Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3]. More information can be found on Indymedia UK and

NEW: leaflet –

Protest outside Vodafone, Clumber Street, Nottingham City Cente, 2pm Saturday 6th November

Notts SOS have called a protest outside Vodafone in Nottingham City Centre over their huge unpaid tax bill. Protestors will be gathering outside the store on Clumber Street in the City centre at 2pm to say that business should pay tax too.

The protest will take place directly after the Notts SOS campaign stall that will be present from 12-2pm in the Market Square.Full details for the Nottingham action can be found on Notts Indymedia & Notts Trades Union Council websites.

Read more about the Vodaphone campaign and previous actions on Indymedia UK. For photos of protest across the UK see:

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