Huge UK Uncut ‘Block the Bridge’ action in London over NHS ‘reform’ – free coach from Nottingham on October 9th

Update: Bridge occupied! Pictures:

UK Uncut are planning a huge action on Sunday 9th October in London. Their plan is to block Westminster Bridge, symbolically blocking the Health & Social Care Bill from Parliament. More details in the links below.

Notts Uncut have been able to arrange a free coach from Nottingham to take people to this event but we need to ensure that we fill the coach. If people want to reserve a seat, they need to e-mail and we will be in touch regarding departure time etc. Please spread the word.

Event details:

Facebook event details:

Notts Uncut website:

For inspirarion, see:
Occupy Wall Street and Brooklyn Bridge protest in New York. Latest news 5/10/2011: Organized Labor Joins the Occupation

Report about Notts UnCut action on Saturday 10th September 2011

On Saturday 10th September 2011 at 12.30am Nottingham Un-cut protestors gathered outside the central library in Nottingham to start a day of action against tax avoiding companies. A nice report and great photos can be found here: Notts Uncut: or email

The following day the Sunday Telegraph reported that one of the main high street tax avoiders Sir Philip Green – who put investment company Taveta, that acquired Arcadia Stores empire Burton, Top Shop etc., in his wifes name in 2002 so managing to avoid paying £285 million in tax in the UK – is now claiming that the occupation of the Fortnum & Mason store earlier this year by protesters against Government cuts encouraged this summer’s rioters and looters. Funny old world.

Notts Uncut city centre meeting on Saturday 10th September 2011

Notts Uncut are getting together again this Saturday (10th) at 12.30. All welcome.

NEW to download: Notts Uncut A4 newsletter Sep-Oct 2011

Notts Uncut are meeting this Saturday (10th Sept) to transform a tax avoiding corporation into a space to discuss our experiences of these companies and how the cuts are impacting on us and our friends and families. Meet outside Nottingham Central library (Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HL) at 12.30 to move onto our secret target. If you are late call us on 07856565214 to find out where we are.

Notts Uncut: Tour of Tax Avoiders – report and photos from 13th August 2011

Notts Uncut visited Vodafone, NatWest, Top Shop/Top Man and Boots, continuing the UK-wide network of groups’ mission to highlight the massive amount of money avoided by tax avoidance schemes of corporations and money paid to bankers as bonuses after their being bailed out for billions of pounds using public money.

Vodafone’s tax avoidance was sanctioned by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs when an official let the company off passing future trade through Luxembourg with a much reduced tax bill for past trade, allowing the company to avoid £6 billion pounds of tax after the deal was made. Top Shop/Top Man is one of government advisor Sir Philip Green’s high street stores in the ‘Arcadia group’ whose ownership was passed to his wife who is based in the tax haven of Monaco, whisking £285 million of UK tax away in the process. Boots moved it’s HQ to Switzerland recently to avoid £100m of UK tax. All daylight robbery achieved without breaking any windows but by use of the machinery of capitalism that allows money to be moved around the world whilst governments say there is no alternative to cuts in services we need. Another Sir, Richard Branson is considering a move abroad for his Virgin enterprise as the rich show their contempt for the rest of us after using the UK as their money-making playground.

Read story and see photos on Nottingham Indymedia plus more photos on Facebook.

Before the protest, the growing group announced,

“Notts Uncut will be coming together again to remind the tax avoiding banks and corporations based in Nottingham that we haven’t gone away and we haven’t forgotten what they’re up to.

While the Con-Dem government is getting increasingly cut-happy, telling us that there is no money for homeless shelters and women’s refuges, that we can’t afford to give charities government grants, that students must pay £9000 a year for degree courses, that people living on the breadline must survive on less and less there is a select group of people who are not suffering from the cuts – the bankers and corporate fat cats. While ordinary people are suffering these people are still paying multi million pounds worth of bonuses and avoiding billions of pounds worth of tax. Let’s get out there and make sure the government and their super wealthy tax dodging mates know that we’re onto them!!”

Notts Uncut Diary Dates in August 2011

Notts Uncut have announced the following events relating to cuts to services amidst massive tax dodging by corporations like Vodafone, Boots and Arcadia group shops like Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Topshop, plus the banks that have been bailed out and are still paying massive bonuses. For more details of the companies concerned and the direct action being taken, visit

  • Saturday 6th August. Notts Uncut does Barnsley. Notts Uncut are travelling to Barnsley to support their debut action. Meet at Nottingham Railway station between 9-9.15am
  • Saturday 13th August. ‘The Tour of Tax Avoiders’. Local action. Meet in the Arboretum Park, near the bandstand, at 12.30 to move onto secret target. If you are coming along later call 07856565214 and we’ll tell you where we are.
  • Monday 15th August. Notts Uncut are hosting a discussion on direct action following a screening of “Just Do It-A Tale of Modern Day Outlaws”. Broadway Cinema. Film starts at 7.45pm. Tickets £9. Concessions available.
  • Saturday 27th August. Notts Uncut planning meeting. Near the bandstand at the Arboretum. 2pm. All welcome.

Nottingham joint strike and anti-cuts action day – Thursday 30th June 2011 – final details

Join the Nottingham unions NUT, ATL, UCU, PCS joint strike march from The Forest and city centre rally at Trinity Square on 30th June, then meeting at Albert Hall with many solidarity actions. Supported by Notts Trades Council, Notts Save Our Services, Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts, University of Nottingham UCU Local Association, Notts Uncut, plus Notts Unison action at County Hall West Bridgford against cuts to social care provision in the County.

* Bring banners, friends and family!


  • 8.00am. Notts UnCut. Meet up at Nottingham Railway station to feed pickets and engage in solidarity action. Download Notts UnCut latest newsletter
  • 8.30am. Unison action against major cuts to social care provision – assemble County Hall, West Bridgford. Download leaflet: Notts ASCH demo 30 June 2011
  • 11 am. NUT, ATL, UCU, PCS joint strike march – assemble from 11.00 am, Forest Recreation Ground (Goose Fair site). Download: 30 June 2011 joint strike leaflet Nottingham
  • 11.30 am. Marchers leave The Forest, march down Mansfield Road, on to Milton Street and then in to the Trinity Square.
  • Noon/12.30 pm with the arrival of the march in Trinity Square. Speakers, stalls, refreshments and more in Trinity Square. There will be face painting and other activities for younger people.
  • 13.30 pm. March continues along Burton Street, South Sherwood Street and Parliament Street to the Albert Hall on Derby Road for speakers and debate on the way forward for the dispute. There will be live music provided by Banner Theatre, Trade Union speakers and an opportunity to contribute from the floor. Ending 3pm approx.

Background: Striking for pensions | Striking against Job cuts | Striking for you and your services
Teachers, lecturers, and civil servants, in the NUT, ATL, UCU, and PCS are being forced to take strike action on 30th June.

The strike is against Con-Dem plans to:
– cut public sector pensions by a third;
– increase the public sector pension age to 68;
– make public sector workers pay 50% more for it!
– cut jobs, hundreds of government jobs have already been lost in Nottinghamshire
– close workplaces, such as DWP Sutton and Mansfield
– Cut all public sector pay at a time when inflation is above 5% and utility bills will be increased by 19%!

This strike action is not happening because union members and their families are greedy; pensions are a vital part of our pay. These union members have chosen to work in the public sector because they believe in providing good public services for all and taking strike action is never an easy decision.

The attacks on the public sector are part of a much bigger agenda. The Con-Dems want to privatise the NHS, cut spending on schools and services, price our kids out of college and university, cut benefits to those in need and see unemployment soar.

In essence, they want to attack every service that we value and hold dear.

Yet none of this is necessary. The richest 1000 people in Britain have seen their wealth increase by £130 BILLION in the last two years to a staggering £396 BILLION. Instead of cutting staff the Government should employ more tax inspectors to get in the £120 billion in avoided, evaded and uncollected tax by the rich, such as the reported £6 BILLION owed by Vodafone.

We’re taking action to stand up for pensions and public services for all. Bring your family and join us on the demonstration and rally to show your support for public services and public servants.

Unison action at County Hall. Please back demonstration ahead of the Full Council meeting on 30 June. We’ll be protesting from 8.30am (the council meeting starts at 10am). All staff, service users and community groups welcome. Make some noise so your councillors can hear you!!!
Adult day care centres forced to close. The council plans to close 35 specialist adult day centres, and replace these with just 13 generic ones. UNISON fears this will leave too few centres, forcing elderly or vulnerable people to travel further. Over 118 care staff face the sack.
Supporting People budgets halved.The council also plans to cut £10million of funding to ‘Supporting People’ projects—with many axed or cut as much as 50%. The council under-spent by £24million in the last financial year, but intends to cut frontline services to the most vulnerable and needy. The council claims it has consulted widely on these plans, but UNISON fears these cuts have yet to be fully explained to those most likely to face them.

UKUncut support: Notts Uncut will be supporting the June 30th strikes by members of NUT, ATL, UCU and PCS.
Nottingham UKUncut will be involved in several activities throughout the day and would love as many people as possible to come along to any or all of them, starting the day by visiting the picket lines and delivering some breakfast to the strikers, meeting at 8am at the front of the railway station. After the pickets have all been fed we will be forming a Notts Uncut bloc on the march. Assemble at the Forest Recreation Ground at 11am and look out for the Notts Uncut banner. If you are able to come along at 8am to feed the pickets can you send us a message to let us know please – everything else, just turn up.

University of Nottingham UCU Local Association and Nottingham Students against Fees and Cuts. Those university staff who are able to take the day off (UCU has a seperate pension scheme not controlled by government in which changes have been railroaded by employers) will join at the Forest at 11am and March to Trinity Square. The key message from Nottingham University staff and students is that cuts to university teaching budgets by 80% and enormous rises in student fees will price out students of less wealthy families or leave them with crippling debts. Due to pension changes staff will get a pay cut and worse standard of living in retirement. Government and employers have chosen to make the people pay for the mistakes of the banks. Trade unions are right to defend the terms and conditions of ordinary workers. We urge you to support the actions on 30th June.

What can I do?

There has already been a great deal of work done but there is still much to do. Joint union leaflets are being produced and should be available for collection / distribution on Friday 24 June. Your help distributing these leaflets will be invaluable. I have attached an electronic copy for e-distribution, attachment to web sites etc but to order paper copies, please contact 07771 940812.

Saturday 25 June

There will be an opportunities to leaflet in the Market Square, Nottingham from 12.00 and at Long Eaton Carnival, West Park, Wilsthorpe Rd from 12.00. Support at Long Eaton would be especially welcomed.

Thursday 30 June

It is hoped that p1cket lines can be advertised on the Trades Council website so please ensure you keep checking for updates.

ATL, NUT, PCS and UCU members will be delighted to see you and your members visiting their lines, marching with your flags and banners, celebrating in the Trinity Square and rallying in the Albert Hall so PLEASE publicise these events to your own membership, encourage them to pop along and show your support. We’d be delighted to pass on any messages to members in the participating unions so feel free to send them to this address.

If you are free on the day and would like to help out on the day, please let us know. Stewards are always welcome and ‘gophers’ a necessity. Anything you can do would be appreciated.

Speakers are required for the Trinity Square celebration – if you or a representative of your union or a campaign group you are involved in would like to speak in support of the action, please contact Cara Nurse of PCS at, Paul Martin at or 07986 351807

Reports on Notts Uncut ‘Emergency Operation’ day of action for the NHS (28th May)


On Saturday 28th May, Notts Uncut organised an “emergency operation” in Nottingham city centre. They visited banks and tax dodging corporations to campaign in defence of the NHS. The protest was part of a national day of action called by UK Uncut. Read more:

See also: Eat the Rich!

Notts Uncut website:


Notts Uncut ‘field trip’ report and forthcoming action on 28th May 2011

Nott Uncut Field trip report – Lincoln

See also Notts Uncut Newsletter no. 2, May/June 2011:

On Saturday 7th May Notts Uncut jumped on the train to Lincoln to support a brand new Uncut group. We met to Lincoln contingent and a large welcoming committee formed by the Lincolnshire constabulary and their camera crew. Undeterred we made our way from the station to the first tax avoider on our list – BHS. We held a short information session there and talked to the staff and shoppers in BHS about Phillip Green’s generosity to his wife (who conveniently lives in the tax haven Monaco).

We then made our way through the streets of Lincoln carrying our youngest uncutter aloft with his own version of the Magna Carta – Tax Magna Carta & Bankers Bill – to emulate the historical event of the Magna Carta being carried through Lincoln many years ago. We visited many of our familiar favourites in Lincoln including Dorothy Perkins, NatWest, Lloyds TSB, Boots, Barclays and Vodafone, stopping on the way to say a huge hurrah and thank you to the wonderful Lush and their owner Mark Constantine for the support he has offered to the UK Uncut protesters arrested in Fortnum and Mason on March 26th.

Lincoln has the beginnings of a fantastic uncut movement with loads of imagination, ideas and creativity. Thanks for having us guys!!

Report previously posted on Nottingham Indymedia:

The next action on 28th May is in planning stages. This is a callout from UK Uncut for a national day of action.

Meeting outside Parliament St Boots at 12 noon, 28th May 2011

Notts Uncut are answering UK Uncut’s call for a national day of action with a fantastic day of fun, frolics and street theatre!!

Boo the greedy bankers as they pocket more and more of the money which should be paying for our public services. Hiss Andrew Lansley as he takes apart the NHS piece by piece.

“The NHS will last as long as there are folk left to fight for it.” – Nye Bevan, founder of the NHS

“Andrew Lansley. Greedy Andrew Lansley. Tosser.” – MC NxtGen, Watch the Andrew Lansley Rap on YouTube.

This is an emergency. The welfare state is in peril. Under the guise of ‘efficiency’ and ‘reform’, this government is plotting to cut the NHS and sell off what’s left. Andrew Lansley has claimed the government is in a ‘listening exercise’ about the proposed NHS ‘reforms’. But despite widespread outcry from doctors, nurses and the public the government isn’t listening to anyone apart from private healthcare lobbyists.

Let’s make Lansley listen. We want to keep our healthy NHS and fix our broken banking system. Whilst the NHS is being dismantled, the banks that caused this crisis in the first place have been left untouched. Reckless gambling, obscene bonuses and a global financial crisis are symptoms of a disease that requires a drastic intervention.

The banks are due a check-up. On Saturday May 28th, join UK Uncut’s Emergency Operation and transform one of Nottingham’s high street banks into a hospital. Tell the government to leave our NHS alone; it’s the banks that are sick.

We may turn HSBC into a hospital or fill Natwest with nurses. We might have to get bandaged in Barclays or operate in RBS. Join Notts Uncut on the 28th and let’s do our best for OUR NHS.

Nottingham Indymedia event listing for May 28th action

After March 26th – a good day out & a lot more to do back in Nottingham & Notts against the cuts! [with photos & videos] – add your experiences/comments/links

Notts SOS banner on the March 26th demonstration
Notts SOS banner on the March 26th demonstration in London (more photos & videos below)
The half a million who marched and took action in London on Saturday 26th March 2011 made our feelings known and we showed our strength. Those who are active in Notts SOS and from the many other anti-cuts groups around the country, together with all manner of service users and welfare and pension recipients, workers, students, families and children took to the streets to say no to the cuts.

The press and politicians seem to have made their minds up already. According to Lib Dem’s Vince Cable on the BBC Politics Show today “We’re not going to change the basic economic strategy” and, “No government – coalition, Labour or any other – would change its fundamental economic policy simply in response to a demonstration of that kind.”

Is this a challenge? It begs the question of what exactly would change the government’s mind? Certainly Notts SOS will stick to its call for “No Cuts” which means we will need to carry on the work of making the politicians aware of our demand. But we have already lost a lot and there will be more to be lost in the new tax year if we do not stand up and fight. So let’s all get involved.

Feel free to share your personal stories of the day, and links to your articles, blogs, photos and videos by adding a ‘comment’ to this article. You can also do the same on the Notts SOS facebook page.

A selection of images of the day:

Notts SOS banner on the march, with a few of the Nottingham contingent
Notts SOS banner on the march, with a few of the Nottingham contingent
Banner drop on a Bridge on March 26th
Banner drop on a Bridge on March 26th
Notts SOS and UCU East Midlands banners in London on March 26th
Notts SOS and UCU East Midlands banners in London on March 26th family on demo
Ed Woollard's family who we spoke to on March 26th demo who confirmed he had received a greetings card sent by Notts SOS from our January conference
Link to Ed Woollard support site:

Videos by Notts SOS/Uncut contingent on Oxford Street:



Also watch: Video of the deception by police on UKUncut occupation of Fortnum and Mason, leading to their ‘record’ number of arrests on the day: Not surprising to hear they will be taking legal advice …

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