Opposition to Nottingham City Council introduction of Day Centre charges and increases – Market Square protest 12.30pm, Tues 21st Dec 2010

Nottingham City Council recently introduced charges for people to attend its Day Centres, although not without there being a large campaign of opposition to this proposal. The charges have now come in and within weeks, the Council proposes to increase them from £2 to £3.50 a day. In addition, transport charges could go up from £2.60 to £4 daily, home care from £9.20 to £11.50 an hour, meals at home from £2.60 to £3.00 and there is also a proposal to scrap the maximum cap on home charges (currently £81).

Such massive increases will have a huge impact on users of these services, many of whom will have to either reduce or stop using them altogether. This in turn threatens the existance and future of these services (since one way of cutting services is to run them down and then say no one wants or needs them). There is a very short consultation period on these proposals and any responses should be sent to the City Council by 9 December 2010, to Helen Jones, Director for Adult Community Inclusion, Nottingham City Council, Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham. NG2 3NG. Tel: 0115 915 5555. The City Council Executive Board will make a decision on 21 December with a view to implementation on New Years Day.

Nottingham City Unison has called a protest outside the Executive Board meeting 12.30pm on Tuesday 21 December, Old Market Square. All SOS and other community campaigner and trade unions are invited to participate.

Nottingham students are in occupation – University of Nottingham Great Hall – 30th November 2010 – part of another UK-wide day of action

Solidarity march in Greece for British students' actionSoldarity with student occupations - sabotage all systems of social control - poster

NEW: Press Release late evening 30/11/2010: Nottingham Students Plan to Keep Occupying University. “A General meeting, open to EVERYONE will take place 1pm tomorrow (Wednesday) at the great hall here at the uni of Nottingham! Come along!”

See also: Emergency Motion passed at UCU Special HE Sector Conference, Manchester 25/11/2010
The message announcing the occupation came on Facebook at around 12.40pm today. Nottingham is now added to the cities where students and supporters have occupied university buildings over education cuts and fee rises in the last couple of weeks. The occupation is of the Great Hall, Trent Building, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD. [Map]. Download campus map (building no. 11). See also NSAFC website: http://nsafc.wordpress.com/2010/11/30/occupied-nottingham/. To follow on twitter: follow @nsafc

Listen to Guardian interview with one of the 150 Nottingham occupiers.

UK wide live coverage via the Guardian website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/blog/2010/nov/30/student-protests-live-coverage. BBC news : Tuition fee protesters in ‘cat and mouse’ with police. WATCH USEFUL VIDEO about week long occupation continuing in London. USEFUL LINK to UK-wide actions: http://libcom.org/news/november-30th-day-action-against-cuts-fees-30112010. NEW: Guardian round-up of 30th Nov action [long video].
From the occupation:


Students of the University of Nottingham and their supporters are currently occupying the Great Hall to add pressure to Nottingham University management to meet the following demands:

1. We demand that the University of Nottingham lobby the Russell Group and the government and issue a statement condemning all cuts to higher education, the EMA and the rise in tuition fees.

2. We demand that the University of Nottingham implement a complete open book policy in regards to existing budget constraints.

3. We demand that the University of Nottingham ensure no redundancies for teaching, research or support staff.

4. Ensure that no victimization or repercussions for anyone participating in the occupation.

5. Allow free access in and out of the building.

Links to Facebook, website, twitter: http://nottssos.org.uk/2010/11/26/the-student-revolt-is-on-in-nottingham-get-info-via-website-facebook-twitter-email/

UK updates:

Quick updates from students around the country (and beyond!)


Thousands of students marching in London. Going down Whitehall the Police attempted to kettle them, students ran back and are now going down Oxford Street. Bus drivers honking horns in unison, chants of “Workers and Students – Unite and Fight”.

60 people have occupied Birmingham City Council Chamber

Brighton and Hove have removed staff from offices in anticipation of demonstrations.

Liverpool University roof occupied and banners hung.

ITALY – Thousands marching in Rome, Genoa, Milan, Turin, Naples, Venice, Palermo and Bari. Chanting “They block our future, we block their cities”.

Hundreds outside Vince Cable’s office in Twickenham chanting “Shame on you for turning blue”.

700 students have occupied Leeds University. Again!

Hundreds marching in Sheffield to Nick Clegg’s office chanting “Nick Clegg we know you – You’re a ——- Tory too”.

Three banks closed in Leeds anticipating occupations.

2,000 marching in Manchester. University occupation continues.

UCU and PCS union members join march in Leeds.

School and sixth form students walk out in Hardenhuish, Chippenham, more from Sheldon on their way to join.

Edinburgh march with coffins “RIP Education” on the side.

Leeds police attempt to kettle students. Students chant “Too many kettles – not enough tea!”

Several hundred marching in Bristol.

King’s College London occupied.

Plymouth University in occupation for EIGHTH day.

Mass walkouts in Cardiff.

Many hundreds protesting in Colchester.

Third day of action on student fees and education cuts in Nottingham on Saturday 4th December 2010, 2-5pm

Nick Clegg's pre-election student fees pledge, now brokenAs you will have seen elsewhere on our website, anti-fees/cuts action is being taken by Nottingham students and staff at both Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham today (now supported by UCU and NUS locally), and a Third Day of Action Against Cuts to Education has been called already to take place in the Market Square, Nottingham city centre, on Saturday, December 4 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm.

Facebook: Official Nottinghamshire Protest against the cuts to education

NOTE: This was originally advertised for Sunday, but it has been brought forward a day and the time is now 2pm, so people can start at the Vodafone demo at 1pm, then continue in the Square.

The organisers are keen that this is not only involving students but all who will be affected by the education cuts and fees increases and encourage creative methods of protest,

“The student occupations at Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cambridge and UCL universities, and the Royal Holloway Against Cuts group have all voted to call for a day of local demonstrations across the UK against cuts in education.

The decision was taken to hold this third national day of action on a Sunday so that parents, younger students, trade unionists and other supporters of the campaign who aren’t able to join us on the walkouts can take part.

We need to draw in all the other groups who are fighting against cuts, and who want to support our fight to save education and defend EMA.

In Nottingham we are holding a rally in the city centre, for everyone affected by the cuts to the public sector. This isn’t just for university students, it’s also for teachers, staff, lecturers, college students, secondary school pupils, primary school pupils, parents, workers in the public sector, trade unionists.

Help spread the word- invite your friends to this event on facebook, print off some leaflets to hand out at your school/college/workplace.

ALSO! Keep in mind, a national day of action does not just have to be just marches and speeches organised by a few people. Get together with people you know and plan something creative/devious/disruptive/fun/progressive/meaningful.”

1100 march in Nottingham against austerity [with videos and photos]

Notts Save Our Service banner used on demonstrationOn Saturday 20th November 2010 the lively demonstration and march called by Notts Save Our Services assembled on the Forest Recreation Ground. Well over one thousand residents, workers, service users, pension and welfare recipients, parents, teachers, university and school students from all over Nottingham and Notts brought themselves along on a misty morning, and carried placards and banners against cuts. We marched to Nottingham city centre down Mansfield Road and many more people clapped from the pavement or hooted horns as we passed. At Speakers’ Corner a rally was held with many speakers explaining the effect of the cuts and encouraging more people to get involved with Notts SOS. Queens Street had to be closed to accommodate everyone.

Watch a video of the march as it left the Forest (links to photos are further below) and an edited video of some of the speeches on the podium and singing before and on the march.



Read press release advertising the march and rally: http://nottingham.indymedia.org.uk/articles/679.

Read collected media including photos following march and rally on Notts Indymedia: http://nottingham.indymedia.org.uk/articles/697

Look at pictures of the march and rally from the Trades Council website: http://www.nottstuc.org/2010/11/pictures-from-todays-demo.html
Lots more photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gideonmack/sets/72157625306734629/
BBC Nottingham news article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-11803578 (only 500 though! Journalist must have counted or estimated numbers at the beginning when the march was assembling whereas we did a proper roadside count on Mansfield Road). Anyway ITV News said it was 3000! See also Evening Post website coverage.

More reports and media to follow.

Well done to all that marched. We hope this will inspire more people to get involved with Notts SOS. In January we will hold a conference in Nottingham to work out a wider strategy as we know there are many and diverse ways the government cuts will affect our lives. In the meantime we hope that more anti-cuts groups will form whether around a specific campaign like Save Gedling School or with a general ‘save our services’ aim. Notts SOS planning meetings are held on Mondays in the International Community Centre. Details of these meetings and other planned events can be found on our website.

To find out just some of what’s happening in Nottingham and Notts, read our Newsletter –
Notts SOS Newsletter No. 1
: [Word version] [PDF version]

Racism, Cuts and the Right – Nottingham Unity Committee leaflet and meeting announcement

Nottingham Unity Committee and Notts Stop the BNP will be holding a public meeting on 20th January 2011 to highlight how the right-wing may seek to take advantage of the climate of austerity to further a racist and nationalist agenda. Please put the date in your diary (if you’ve got a 2011 one yet!) and come to the meeting.
Venue: New Mechanics Institute, 3 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham NG1 4EZ.
Time: 7.30pm
Download leaflet: nottingham_unity_ctte_cuts_racism_leaflet.pdf

From the Forest to the Square – All out for a big Notts demonstration against the cuts – Saturday 20th November

Saturday 20th November is when we must make the City and County authorities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire aware of the strength of feeling that is growing against cuts to services, jobs, welfare and education. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a locally or centrally controlled budget, we can’t allow these cuts to go ahead without a fight.

To find out just some of what’s happening in Nottingham and Notts, read our Newsletter –
Notts SOS Newsletter No. 1
: [Word version] [PDF version]

We will be assembling at the Forest Recreation Ground from 11.30am and marching at 12.30pm to the Market Square in Nottingham City Centre for a rally. The event is ‘Demonstration Against the Cuts ‘ and we say “There is an alternative. Make the rich pay for the crisis.” Bring your banners and placards (otherwise some will be available from Notts SOS). Let’s make it as big & noisy as possible!

Unless we refuse to accept them, all these cuts will go ahead while the well off people who govern us remain unaffected. If services and welfare are taken away, many people with illnesses and disability will suffer. If education is cut children and students of all ages will suffer. Facilities will close or get reduced and many more people will suffer. Is this the kind of society we want to live in?

All this,

  • while the banks remain bailed out with billions of pounds.
  • while vast city bonuses are still being given to individuals.
  • while private interests are being allowed to take over every aspect of life.
  • while huge corporate tax bills, like those of Vodafone or Boots, are avoided by sleight of hand.
  • while inequality of earnings is greater than ever.
  • while food and fuel prices are rising.
  • while billions of pounds are spent on weapons.
  • while billions of the world’s poor remain poor or are exploited for financial gain.
  • while the environment is ignored in the relentless search for profit and growth.
  • while the cause of the financial crisis remains virtually unchanged.

There must be a better way.

We won’t change the world in a day, but we have to take a stand against austerity.

Let’s remind the politicians who the Big Society really is.

We call on all workers, benefits and pension recipients, community groups, arts organisations, charities, school and college students, to unite and show opposition to the cuts in our region. Campaigners from nearby areas are welcome to join.

Join Notts SOS for a major anti-cuts march and demonstration in Nottingham – Saturday 20th November 2010 [plus ‘Liar Liar’ video]

Image of Notts SOS Flyer for November 20th demo - same as PDFThis is an advance call out for the next Nottingham Save Our Services demonstration! Following protests in town and at County Hall during the week of the Spending Review, we will assemble at the Forest Recreation Ground at 11.30am and then march to the Market Square in Nottingham at 12.30pm on Saturday 20th November where we will hold a rally.. The event is ‘Demonstration Against the Cuts’ and we say “There is an alternative. Make the rich pay for the crisis.” Hopefully this will give you time to make your own banners and placards. Lets make it as big & noisy as possible! Download leaflet advertising the demo.

We call on all workers, benefits and pension recipients, community groups, charities, school and college students, to unite and show opposition to the cuts in our region. Campaigners from nearby areas are welcome to join.
Download Flyer for Notts SOS 20th November 2010 Demonstration (A4 also suitable as poster). Alternative download Flyer for Notts SOS Nov 20th Demo – two A5 leaflets per page.

Download Notts SOS Newsletter No. 1: [Word version] [PDF version]

Feel free to visit the Notts SOS stall in the Market Square this Saturday at 12 noon this weekend (6th Nov) and join the Clumber Street Vodaphone protest at 2pm if you can. From now until the demonstration we will be having stalls around the city and surburbs. We will also be meeting each Monday at the International Community Centre (YMCA Mansfield Road) from 7.30pm until 9.30pm. All welcome.


Notts Cuts Watch bulletins nos. 1, 2 & 3 [plus ‘Can’t Cut This’ video]

Notts Cuts Watch highlights local press coverage about cuts in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire …

Bulletin no.3: http://notts.indymedia.org.uk/articles/633

Bulletin no.2: http://notts.indymedia.org.uk/articles/613

Bulletin no.1: http://notts.indymedia.org.uk/articles/593

See also: Can’t Cut This campaign song – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7eQ73w4EvY against cuts to a London Arts College.