After March 26th – a good day out & a lot more to do back in Nottingham & Notts against the cuts! [with photos & videos] – add your experiences/comments/links

Notts SOS banner on the March 26th demonstration
Notts SOS banner on the March 26th demonstration in London (more photos & videos below)
The half a million who marched and took action in London on Saturday 26th March 2011 made our feelings known and we showed our strength. Those who are active in Notts SOS and from the many other anti-cuts groups around the country, together with all manner of service users and welfare and pension recipients, workers, students, families and children took to the streets to say no to the cuts.

The press and politicians seem to have made their minds up already. According to Lib Dem’s Vince Cable on the BBC Politics Show today “We’re not going to change the basic economic strategy” and, “No government – coalition, Labour or any other – would change its fundamental economic policy simply in response to a demonstration of that kind.”

Is this a challenge? It begs the question of what exactly would change the government’s mind? Certainly Notts SOS will stick to its call for “No Cuts” which means we will need to carry on the work of making the politicians aware of our demand. But we have already lost a lot and there will be more to be lost in the new tax year if we do not stand up and fight. So let’s all get involved.

Feel free to share your personal stories of the day, and links to your articles, blogs, photos and videos by adding a ‘comment’ to this article. You can also do the same on the Notts SOS facebook page.

A selection of images of the day:

Notts SOS banner on the march, with a few of the Nottingham contingent
Notts SOS banner on the march, with a few of the Nottingham contingent
Banner drop on a Bridge on March 26th
Banner drop on a Bridge on March 26th
Notts SOS and UCU East Midlands banners in London on March 26th
Notts SOS and UCU East Midlands banners in London on March 26th family on demo
Ed Woollard's family who we spoke to on March 26th demo who confirmed he had received a greetings card sent by Notts SOS from our January conference
Link to Ed Woollard support site:

Videos by Notts SOS/Uncut contingent on Oxford Street:



Also watch: Video of the deception by police on UKUncut occupation of Fortnum and Mason, leading to their ‘record’ number of arrests on the day: Not surprising to hear they will be taking legal advice …

Notts SOS newsletter no. 4 including NHS, academies & forestry local campaigns [plus video ‘Andrew Lansley Rap’]

We are pleased to bring you the Notts Save Our Services newsletter no.4 for March/April 2011 including several articles on local action taken against the cuts plus advertising of forthcoming events [Notts SOS No. 4 Word version] or [Notts SOS No. 4 PDF version]. In addition this week’s events include UCU strikes and rally, an ESOL day of action and a Budget Day protest. Also read this report from Bassetlaw SOS after their latest public meeting. And what is likely to be the biggest protest in London against government since the anti-war march, is talking place on Saturday 26th. See diary for details. The next Notts SOS meeting is Monday 28th March at the usual venue.


Reports from another Saturday of anti-cuts action in Nottingham – more to come!

Sleeping bag protest inside Barclays Bank, Nottingham, 19th March 2011
Saturday 19th March 2011 saw sustained action against austerity with a joint stall by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Notts SOS. Scrapping Trident missiles in Scotland and the rest of the death-dealing UK arms industry (including those in Nottingham) are cuts we in Notts SOS can certainly support.

This was followed by a Notts UnCut ‘Bail-in’ occupation of Barclays Bank and vocal protests outside high street shops like Vodafone, BHS and Boots who have managed to avoid paying tax in UK by various schemes, and who have been allowed to do so by HM Revenue and Customs. Earlier in the day, Vodafone had closed its shutters 10 secs after seeing one protester with a banner, and this was before things had even got started! Glad to see the message is getting across. Barclays is not the only bank which has faced action by UK Uncut and Natwest was also visited. Barclays was targeted today in Nottingham because of their bosses’ admission that it paid just £113m in UK corporation tax in 2009 – a year when it rang up a record £11.6bn in profits (so that’s less than 1%, meanwhile we are facing VAT of 20%). Most seriously we are being told that the government cannot afford to look after vunerable people in our cities – having got rid of the Supporting People budget that supports homeless projects, women’s refuges and other important services. This was highlighted by the 40+ Notts Uncut demonstrators on Saturday by lying in sleeping bags inside Barclays, whilst bank customers, staff and the police were able to hear why we are angry. It was made clear that staff were not targetted since they are not the ones receiving massive bonuses from a bank that was bailed out by the government using public money. Barclays paid out £2.5bn in salaries and bonuses last year. Lots of photos on Nottingham Indymedia. More photos. Watch various videos via Notts SOS facebook page or directly on You-tube.

Elsewhere in Notts, a petition was handed in against the Health and Social Care Bill which will see further privatisation of NHS services. 38 Degrees and Notts Save Our Services presented a 180,000 signature petition to Anna Soubry, the MP for Broxtowe, at Beeston Library. Anna Soubry sits on one of the parliamentary select committees currently scrutinising the NHS Bill. A public meeting will now be held in Nottingham on 21st April co-organised by Notts SOS, to explain what the Bill will mean to the future of NHS services, if it is not defeated.

This week sees more events including two days of strike action at Nottingham universities and colleges and final preparation for the monster march in London on Saturday 26th (with over 30 coaches going from Notts). More local diary dates are listed here. Get involved by contacting Notts SOS or letting us know about action you are taking or would like to take against the cuts!

Notts anti-cuts diary dates for fortnight beginning Monday 14th March 2011

picture of a diary to add the following anti-cuts dates toHere are anti-cuts events coming up. Also take a look on the right for more details of Forthcoming Events, Comments and Twitter feed columns for more info, reports and comments. Join Notts SOS Facebook at

Anti-cuts diary dates in weeks beginning Monday 14th and Monday 21st March 2011

Monday 14th March Notts SOS planning meeting, at ICC/YMCA, 7.30-9.15pm. Meetings are currently fortnightly.

Monday 14th March Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts are running two ‘Education Strikes Back’ teach-ins to discuss how to continue the fight against the cuts to education. UCU have voted for strike action, so it’s an exciting time and we have lots to discuss. All are welcome. One will be on the 14th March, 6pm in D137 Portland Building (students union), main campus. Facebook link:

Wednesday 16th March The other NSAFC teach-in on the 16th, 6pm at Nottingham Trent (check the facebook
group for the location). Bring any ideas you have. Facebook link:

Wednesday 16th March – Bassetlaw SOS Public Meeting at the Crossing Church & Centre, Newcastle Street, Worksop. Starts 7pm. Download public meeting flyer. Download Bassetlaw anti-cuts flyer.

Thursday 17th March – Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts are putting on a fundraiser to raise money and to publicise the campaign. Make Music, Not Cuts – Live Music and *Bring and Buy* Rummage Sale Fundraiser at The Maze, Mansfield Road, Nottingham. Doors and Open Mic at 7pm, Show at 8pm.

Friday 18th March Save Our NHS. 38 Degrees/Notts SOS health group. Informal planning meeting at Friends Meeting House, 25 Clarendon Street Nottingham NG1 5JD. Room 3 from 7:15 for 7:30pm start ’til 9:00pm. The idea of this meeting is to plan and organise a public meeting to take place in the near further. See also: If you want to know the ins and outs of what’s actually going to happen to our NHS, follow the link and watch this video:

Saturday 19th March Nottingham CND & Notts SOS are holding a joint stall in the Market Square, at 11.30am. The theme is ‘Cut Trident not Public Sevices/Jobs’. See also CND adds support to TUC march against the cuts. Stay on for the UK-Uncut event at 1pm…

Saturday 19th March Notts-Uncut Part-of UK-Uncut. Starts 12 noon. A protest against tax evasion and the cuts. Maybe a march through the streets to target the banks, Vodafone etc. Invite everyone you know 🙂
We will rendevous either at the lions or the Brian Clough statue, details tbc. Here is the event on UKUncut and on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=129737010431818

Sunday 20th March ‘Out of the Woods’ event. Save Sherwood Forest / Forest Campaign Network / Notts SOS are running a gathering & ramble at Sherwood Pines, Edwinstowe, Mansfield NG21 9JL. Meet 2pm at the large notice board between the car park and visitors centre for a 2.15pm start to follow the white route for a relaxed an buggy-friendly ramble of about 40 mins duration. Download poster for more details including directions to the car park and a RSVP: Out of the Woods 20th March 2011 and Leaflet with more info about why the campaign must continue.

Tuesday 22nd March Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) strike at University of Nottingham over proposed pension changes. See also March 24th for major strike day with other institutions. Pickets at all main entrances to campuses 8am-12 noon. More details here.

Wednesday 23rd March Nottingham & Notts Trades Union Council, Budget Day Lobby, 5pm. Old Market Square, Nottingham. All welcome.

Thursday 24th March Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) members (lecturers, researchers & admin staff) from all FE and HE institutions in Nottingham and across the country will be on strike together over pensions, pay and condition of employment. AS PART OF THIS A PUBLIC RALLY WILL BE HELD THURSDAY 24th MARCH at 11 am until 2pm OLD MARKET SQUARE NOTTINGHAM CITY CENTRE. Everyone is invited to support the rally. There will also be a strike day on the 22nd. Pickets at institutions will take place on the mornings of both 22nd and 24th, from 8am. More details here.

Thursday 24th March ESOL day of action against cuts to English for Speakers of Other Languages. Nottingham open air meeting will take place in the Old Market Square at 3.30pm. Download flyer: ESOL Day of Action flyer 24 March 2011. Help us show the importance of English classes.

Saturday 26th March – TUC ‘March for the alternative’: Put this in your diary now! London – initial details of route are here – Loads of coaches through local union branches:

Reports, photos & videos from Nottingham City Council ‘cuts budget’ day protests (7th March 2011)

Notts SOS protest on 7th march 2011 Nottingham City Council budget setting day
Notts SOS daytime protest
Here are initial reports and links to photos & videos of the lively Council House demonstrations in the Market Square and ‘public’ gallery that Notts SOS and other protesters were ‘escorted’ from (one carried out) by police so that the City Council cuts budget meeting could continue behind closed doors after being suspended during the action. Protesting started at 12 noon and continued until 7pm. Council leader Jon Collins was harangued in the Market Square in the evening and there was a ‘Fight the Cuts’ banner drop on Main Marian Way during the day. This was after over 1800 signatures were handed to him from a petition urging the council not to cut services, but to implement a ‘needs-based’ budget. On the same afternoon, Vodafone was targetted by Notts Uncut for its corporate tax evasion and was shut down yet again. There is a lot more to do now cuts budgets have been passed in both the City and County. Come to the next Notts SOS meeting at the YMCA/ICC on Mansfield Road, Monday 14th March at 7.30pm.
Jon Collins harangued during evening protest
Jon Collins harangued during evening protest

Also come to the Market Square again today (8th March) for the International Women’s Day centenary events at 5pm focussing on the disproportionate effect of the cuts on women (then at Thompson’s Solicitors at 5.30pm).

Many more forthcoming events in March 2011 listed here.

Reports/photos videos from 7th March 2011

Videos from 7th March 2011 from various individuals, on YouTube

See also, mainstream media coverage:
BBC News: , Nottingham Post: and Nottingham City Council approves £33m of cuts as angry protesters ejected, also reminding us what the cuts will mean (& a lot more besides this):

COUNCILLORS last night approved some of the most swingeing cuts seen in the city for a generation.

Around £33 million of cuts were given the go-ahead at a Nottingham City Council meeting.

It comes after the Government reduced the council’s grant by 8.4%.

The controversial savings plan will see libraries closed, museum opening hours reduced and employee terms and conditions changed.

The council also approved plans to cut its supporting people budget, which helps vulnerable people in the community.

NEW – Support from singer/songwriter Billy Bragg who visited the University of Nottingham occupation last year:
I wish to add my voice to those of Notts Students Against Fees and Cuts and Notts Save Our Services in urging Nottingham City Council to stand up to central government and passed a needs based budget. The big society that I want to live in should to be driven by compassion, not market forces.

Billy Bragg

On 07/03/2011 16:31, Notts Students wrote:

Hi Billy,
Thanks for giving your attention to this. This is what has happened and what we’re passing to the press.
(Notts Students against Fees and Cuts)

City Council Budget Meeting Halted by Protestors

Nottingham City Council are meeting today to pass a budget passing on sixty million pounds worth of cuts, which will hit the poorest and most marginalised in our society. While protests continued outside the building, members of Notts Students against Fees and Cuts and Notts Save Our Services spoke passionately from the public gallery, urging the council to stand up to central government and pass a needs based budget. After a brief exchange the councillors closed the meeting, refusing to listen to the views of their constituents.

The protestors then staged a good-natured, peaceful sit-in. They were offered a private meeting with the leaders of the council, which was refused because it was conditional on the end of the sit-in. Eventually the police forcibly removed the peaceful protestors, including a wheelchair user and a young woman who was carried from the building.

The meeting has now reconvened in private so that the council can force through its budget against the will of the people of Nottingham. Protestors are gathering again today at 5pm.

Inside the council house 1

City Council cuts update – DEMONSTRATE ON MONDAY 7th MARCH – plus International Women’s Day events

Here is latest update from Notts SOS about the campaign against City Council cuts and events on International Women’s Day. For many more diary dates and details of forthcoming events, see:


Many thanks to the 150 or so folks who braved the rain at the rally
today (Saturday 5th March) in the Market Square.

See photos on Notts Indymedia:

For those who couldn’t make it, we heard from community and disability
campaigns, unions, service users, homeless people, and students about
how angry they are at the cuts facing these sectors. It was a lively
rally that lasted a couple of hours, with stalls and singing.
Afterwards Vodafone, Natwest and Boots were visited by UK Uncut.

It’s really important that we now take this anger to the council
directly, this Monday 7th March, when it plans to pass the cuts
budget. We start our protest for a needs-based budget at 1pm outside
the council house (our stall will be there from 12 noon). The council meeting starts at 2pm.

The public are allowed to attend the meeting. In fact the council has
been in touch with us pointing out that they will try to accommodate
as many as they can without breaching health and safety regulations,
so we are expected. We can still influence this process!

The meeting itself is likely to go on into the night. Last year it
took until 1am the next morning. So we plan to have a presence outside
for the whole day and a second rally at 5-7pm for people who can only
come after work. Please come down to the rally, attend the meeting
with us, and help us to keep up a lively presence outside.


There are 2 cuts related events in Nottingham on Tuesday 8th March,
marking the centenary International Women’s Day. Download poster.

(1) Women at the Cutting Edge – Rally in the Market Square (5pm)

Bring your banners, placards and voices and join us to celebrate the
tradition of International Women’s Day and demonstrate our resistance
to the cuts!

Old Market Square, Nottingham City Centre

(2) Women Against the Cuts – public meeting (5.30pm)

The Notts Trades Council are organising a meeting at the offices of
Thompsons Solicitors.

* Cheryl Pidgeon, regional secretary of Midlands TUC
* Melanie Jeffs, Nottingham CVS
* Chris Cutland, Women’s Aid Integrated Services

Thompsons Solicitors Office, 4th Floor, City Gate (East), Tollhouse
Hill, Nottingham, NG1 5FS

For more diary dates including more IWD events around Nottingham, see:

March, demo & strike at Notts County Hall – reports from 24th Feb 2011 [photos & videos]

Here are links to reports about Thursday demo at County Hall against Notts County Council cuts and job losses with photos and video:

More coming soon at City Council on 5ht and 7th of February. For inspiration see reports of occupations of town halls and council buildings in London this week:Haringey and Lambeth, and protest at Southwark

Watch video on Notts Unison/Youtube


And some links made here in another Notts video about the hypocrisy of the government over egypt, libya and bahrain, selling arms to dictators, and business deals. Why the cuts here are not necessary. And let’s all learn to ‘fight like an egyptian’!


NOTTS SOS Newsletter No. 3 – February 2011 – out now!

See also: events diary.

NO CUTS IN NOTTINGHAM! Notts SOS demands to City Councillors about budget meeting on 7th March 2011 – plus other events leading up to it

Nottingham City Council are planning to cut tens of millions from their spending in the year from April 2011.

These cuts will reduce services and support for vulnerable people such as:

– Sick, disabled and old people needing support
– People who need help because of mental illness, drink and drugs misuse
– Women fleeing domestic violence and children at risk

In addition there are to be cuts in leisure and cultural facilities such as public libraries. Also 368 Council employees are scheduled to lose their jobs. Further cuts to public services in coming years are planned.

Notts Save Our Services, the local anti-cuts campaign, are urging Nottingham City Councillors not to adopt their cuts budget when they meet on 7th March. They should:

• Declare that the financial situation of the Council is an emergency

• Work with relevant organisations in the City to draw up a budget based on the real needs of local people

• Demand that the Government return the £60 million it has chopped from Nottingham City’s allocation

Sign the paper petition and/or e-petition to the Council urging them to resist bringing in cuts to public services. You, your family and friends can sign this petition at one of our many stalls in the Nottingham Old Market Square, Clifton, Sherwood or Hyson Green (Market Place) or at the Playhouse: download the schedule. Please phone the number on the schedule if you want to help. You can also collect signatures yourself and get them to us before March 7th. Again – phone the number on the schedule to find out where to send them. Alternatively send the e-petition link to all your friends, put on social networking sites etc.


It was the reckless folly of speculative bankers that in 2008 necessitated a £86 billion government bail-out of big banks to prevent them failing. Now the Coalition Government want us to foot the bill for propping up their rich banker friends. That is why the Government is imposing public spending cuts, especially on local councils. Notts SOS says that ordinary people should not pay the debts of the billionaire bankers.


• Sign the petition to Nottingham City Council. Here is the e-petition which is easy to sign online. If you want to collect petitions use this form and contact us to return them when complete, before 7th March.

• Phone-up your ward councillors to tell them not to vote for the cuts budget. (Download a full list of phone numbers here [Word] [PDF])

• Come to the UNISON picket outside the Council House at 12.30 on Tuesday, 22nd February. (Download leaflet Budget cuts protest 22 Feb 2011 Nottingham City Unison).

• Notts SOS rally in Market Square against the City Council budget. Starts 12 noon on Saturday March 5th. All welcome. Bring banners, placards & things to make noise including yourself!

• Come to the Notts SOS picket outside the Council House at 1.00pm on Monday 7th March (stall set up from 12 noon), the day the Council vote on their cuts budget (Budget meeting starts 2pm when the public gallery will be open – will probably last many hours). We will also be outside 5-7pm for those who cannot be there earlier in the day (feel free to participate in both of course).

• Go on the TUC March for the Alternative in London on Saturday, 26th March.

NOTTS SAVE OUR SERVICES – Defending jobs, services, welfare & education against cuts in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

There are also events against County cuts – see
for details of all anti-cuts events that we know about.

Notts SOS conference and EMA protests – reports from Saturday 15th January 2011

Combating the Cuts: planning for action! – conference held yesterday

Yesterday Notts SOS held it’s first conference in the Dunkirk and Old Lenton community centre.

Over 70 people were present during the day to discuss cuts and plan anti-cuts activity from now on in 7 sub-groups: Trades Unions, Local Government, Health/NHS, Education, Environment, Benefits/Pensions and Local Communities. A plenary session in the afternoon allowed space for participants to feedback from the groups and to discuss general points about the way forward for the Nottingham and Notts anti-cuts campaigning. A card was signed to be sent to Edward Woollard, the 18 year old student who was recently jailed after the Millbank demonstration. Food and refreshments were provided by Veggies.

A full report from the conference will come soon, but be assured there is lot to get involved with. Get in touch! Notts SOS meets next on Monday 24th January and there will be several events between now and then. So watch this space! In the meantime look at a couple of photos from the gathering:

Loads more photos on Facebook:

Nottingham Protests against the scrapping of Educational Support Allowance

On the same day students took to the streets again in Nottingham with a demonstration in the Market Square against the scrapping of EMA. For details see:

Nttm Students another Protest Against Scrapping EMA:

Notts students protest EMA cuts

More is planned, especially leading up to the demonstrations in Manchester and London on 29th Jan.

Also on the same day in Manchester, the first day of the Network X gathering went ahead, continuing today. Students from Nottingham participated.

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